Working Summer

The Holiday Romance Series, Book 5

By Sage Donnell

Can Kade and Aiesha have a good 4th in the midst of controversy?

It’s summer – school’s out, surfing is good, and Aiesha is still amazing, but very busy with teaching at academic summer camps. In order to get to see her for a couple of weeks, Kade signs on to also teach at one of the residential summer camps. It means no Max, no Shori, no surfing, but it’s only two weeks and Aiesha is worth it. Besides, Kade likes to teach. It’ll be fun.

And it is fun, right up until baseless accusations are leveled at her just a few days in. Who is behind it? Will Kade and Aiesha get past it and stay a strong couple? Will their Fourth of July be festive or mired in controversy?

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