Worth The Risk

By Sigrid Dufraimont

A heartfelt love story set against the picturesque backdrop of Ghent

Experience this enchanting love story set against the picturesque backdrop of Ghent from The Lesbian Romantic Podcast, now available as a full-length book! Immerse yourself in this charming tale, complete with an exclusive insider’s guide to Ghent.

Worth The Risk summary

Raven, an unhappy sales woman, travels to the other side of the world to offer her hard-earned money to an inspirational inventor. Raven soon discovers she has put her heart at risk as much as her savings.

Nathalie is a young PA with a lot to prove. She’s fed up with her boss, but sticks around because she doesn’t want to admit she should have never taken this job. Could a love-at-first-sight encounter finally push her to take a leap of faith?

Ghent is an old city in the small country of Belgium. The city’s wealth in the Middle Ages is still visible in Ghent’s stunning architectural wonders and views. It is the perfect location for people to fall in love.

What listeners say about The Lesbian Romantic stories:

“For anyone who enjoys lesbian love stories these are the best! Each different but tells wonderful romantic tales I just can’t stop listening to!!”

“My whole life I have been craving media that features romance between two women without a tragic ending. Look no further!”

“Really great writing. The characters have so much growth in such a short format and the story arcs with a pleasant timeline.”

“Everyone wants to see themselves, somehow, reflected in great stories. It’s both validating and liberating, especially for a niche audience that’s been starved for them. Sigrid’s work is well written, designed, and produced.”

“I searched “Lesbian Love Stories,” and was SO pleasantly surprised with to find this gem!”

About The Lesbian Romantic

The Lesbian Romantic is a lesbian romance podcast by indie creator Sigrid Dufraimont. She writes romantic, lesbian stories and releases them as immersive audio productions.

Connection Concealed is Sigrid’s fourth story and her first story published as a book. The book includes the full, updated script and an exclusive bones scene only available in the book.

The Lesbian Romantic has over 3 million downloads worldwide and has been nominated for several Audioverse awards. The podcast is available for free worldwide and fully crowd-funded.

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