Wrath, War, and the Woe Trumpets

The Wrath Trilogy, Book 2

By TJ Dallas

A lesbian erotic novel featuring the Seven Deadly Sins. This sequel follows on from Prewrath and Rapture.

The fate of Caledonia hangs by a thread.

When a chance encounter reveals that the archangels are close to finding the key Persephone stole from them, Astar must convince Emilia to return to Caledonia. If Michael gets hold of the key and manages to break the final seal, he would command the sounding of seven trumpets, instigating the next stage of the apocalypse. With the help of Pride and Envy, three Deadly Sins now join the four Horsewomen in the second battle between good and evil.

Come and see.

*18+, mature content, sexually explicit wlw sex. One scene involves breast milk.

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