You Spin Me Round

By Natasha West

Rivalry and passion can look awfully similar…

Set in the glamorous chaos of celebrity divorces, You Spin Me Round is the hilarious and heartwarming tale of two quick-witted PR agents, Alex Walker and Leigh Calloway. Once entangled in a fiery one-night stand that ended on awkward terms, fate reunites them on opposing sides of the latest headline-making breakup.

Alex Walker is a ruthless and ambitious PR agent, navigating the tumultuous seas of celebrity scandal with a knack for turning the tide in her favour. Securing hot actress Isabelle Kane could propel her business to new heights, but winning the spin war in Isabelle’s impending divorce is crucial. However, what could trip up Alex, a master at the game?

Representing the other side of this high-profile split is Leigh Calloway. She’s a passionate advocate for integrity in the world of PR, and when she signs rising star Erin Porter, she is determined to ensure Erin’s perspective on the troubled marriage is the main narrative. With the truth on Leigh’s side, what could go wrong?

Well, Alex and Leigh’s romantic history might cause one or two problems. Because under the glitz and chaos that define their professional lives, Alex and Leigh share a hidden decade-old secret—a passionate one-night stand gone disastrously wrong.

When Alex and Leigh find themselves pushing up against each other in the media frenzy surrounding the high-profile split, they both know it’s vital that they maintain a fierce professional rivalry. But amid traded barbs and hilarious one-liners, it’s undeniable that the chemistry between Alex and Leigh is back with a vengeance.

From staged paparazzi moments to orchestrated social media campaigns, the two PR agents are determined to beat each other. But will their past throw a spanner in the works, or is it destined to open the door to a second chance at love?

You Spin Me Round is the latest fresh and fun romantic comedy from the author of international sapphic bestsellers Honeymoon Hijackers, The Missus and Just Married?

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