Breakout for Love

The Department 6 Operations Series, Book 1

By Valden Bush

When a rescue mission goes bad, can they survive against the odds?

Flick Colonna’s life is ticking away one minute at a time. Desk duty at Department 6, a clandestine government agency, is making her itch for active duty once again. But with loss and destruction behind her, is going back into the field a good idea? When her next assignment comes in, she has no choice.

Zamira Saliev ran from a past that threatened to destroy her as it did her mother. When she’s kidnapped by the very people who ruined her family a few years ago, hope for rescue isn’t anywhere on the horizon. With no information to give them on her rebel father, she’s living on borrowed time.

Can Flick get Zamira out of Tarinor and back to safety? Or will the ghosts of their pasts drag them into a dark dead-end?

Previously published as Zamira Saliev by Bush, Valden (AUTHOR)

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