Zero-Sum Game

By Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings

When they aim for the goal... they make it.

Now? Ember is her goal.

“I’ll never forget the woman who offered an escape.”

Ember Donoghue, former high school soccer star, only needs three things to be content:

A place to live. Her little sister Cinder. Fantasies of her old coach, Brynn Morgan.

When the current assistant coach is fired, Cinder announces that the position is open – and she can’t think of anyone better for the job than Ember.

“I’ll never look at her the same way again.”

Yet recent divorcee Brynn is reluctant to hire her former student. She knows more than anyone that Ember is popular, likeable, and talented…

She also knows that thinking about grown-up Ember puts her in an awkward position. Because heartbroken Brynn is dating again, and Ember is the stuff dreams are made of.

“Everything will try to tear us apart.”

Inexperienced at love and untouched at 21, Ember throws herself into Brynn’s world, even if it means going against her morally strict parents. And Brynn can’t say no to the college student who makes her feel alive for the first time in twenty years.

Even though this could ruin Brynn’s reputation. Even though this could ruin Ember’s family.

They don’t care. Ember needs Brynn. Brynn wants Ember. Together, they can score any goal.

Even if it means destroying the only security they’ve ever known.

This is a steamy age gap sports romance that contains heavier themes of negative and unsupportive family dynamics. It has a HEA.


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