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Daily Sapphic Book Recommendations

There are 365 days in a year, which gives us 365 opportunities to recommend sapphic books for you to read! Each day we share a new holiday and recommend three sapphic books that tie into the day’s theme. Will it be lesbian sci-fi for National Science Fiction Day? Or maybe a sapphic office romance for Write a Business Plan month? Check back every day, because every day is special in its own way!

Today is Walk In The Sand Day

Walk In The Sand Day

Sometimes there’s nothing better than the feeling of sand between your toes! Walk In The Sand Day celebrates the healthy activity of walking barefoot in the sand. The world’s largest sand island is Fraser Island. It is located in Queensland, Australia and is a World Heritage Site. The longest uninterrupted stretch of beach is Casino […]

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Today is National Cocktail Day

National Cocktail Day

The most popular cocktail in the U.S. is the Margarita! There is currently a huge cocktail culture in the art of mixology. It draws on traditional cocktails, but uses unique ingredients and layers of flavors. Cocktails aren’t just for hipsters anymore. Watching a talented mixologist create a curated cocktail is like listening to the best […]

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Today is National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day

We are celebrating National Puppy Day, one of the cutest days ever! There is plenty you can do to celebrate National Puppy Day. If you have a puppy of your own (or even an older dog who is still a puppy at heart), why not spend some time at the dog park? You could have […]

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Today is National Goof Off Day

The first rule of celebrating National Goof Off Day? Be silly! Sometimes it’s hard to put aside your responsibilities and relax. There is that never ending to do list that eats every hour it can out of your day. Celebrating National Goof Off Day can help you de-stress and recharge, making you more productive and […]

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Today is Omnisexual Awareness Day

Omnisexual Awareness Day

Today we are celebrating Omnisexual Awareness Day. The term omnisexual is often used interchangeably with pansexual. The difference between the terms is subtle. A person who describes themselves as omnisexual might say they are attracted to people of all genders, while a person who is pansexual might say they are attracted to people regardless of […]

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Today is Alien Abduction Day

March 20 is Alien Abduction Day Graphic

The Alien Abduction Day festival in Toronto popularized this annual celebration in 2008. Many people have claimed to have been abducted by aliens over the years and there have been almost as many movies made. This is one of the better known movies to watch on Alien Abduction Day. Roswell, New Mexico is a popular […]

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Today is Certified Nurses Day

March 19 is Certified Nurses Day Graphic

Certified Nurses Day shines a light on nurses who choose to augment their professional skills through certification. Nurses are there when we are sick or injured. They go to school to receive board certification to be recognized at the state level and receive licensure. Specialty certifications indicate additional skills, expertise, and knowledge in a specific […]

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Today is English Tourism Week

March 18 is English Tourism Week Graphic

English Tourism Week is March 18th through the 27th. This annual celebration highlights the value, contribution, and importance of the tourism industry to the U.K. economy. English tourism makes up over 80% of the U.K. tourism industry. English tourism week’s “The Big Weekend” event, encourages local attractions to give locals free tickets. The goal is […]

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Today is St. Patrick’s Day

March 17 is St. Patrick's Day Graphic

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the world in more countries than any other one day national festival. America’s enthusiasm for St Patrick’s Day is due, in part, to our love of green beer, whisky, and a good party. St Patrick’s day is actually a religious feast day for the famed Irish patron saint who […]

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Today is Lips Appreciation Day

March 16 is Lips Appreciation Day Graphic

Lips do a lot of things. They help us eat and drink. Convey emotion. Not to mention kissing… Lips  come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Scientists who study the face believe they are one of our most important features. Lips Appreciation Day is the perfect time to show your lips some love. Exfoliate dry […]

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