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Collection: Favorite Books From Favorite Authors

Debate and Decadence

Cover of Debate and Decadence

Charmed meets Pride and Prejudice Like any good mysterious witch, Amaya seldom ventures further than the woods that surround her cottage. She fills her days with foraging, spell testing, and reading. Amaya would happily spend all her days and nights curled up with a steaming mug of tea or playing her harp. Anything would be […]

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Off the Menu

Cover of Off the Menu

Fixer Erin Rasmussen has a reputation for saving failing restaurants with her take-no-crap attitude. She gets the job done on time, under budget, and millions of viewers tune in to watch her do it. The fine dining restaurant Taylor works for has some serious problems and management doesn’t want her input. It’s time to leave. […]

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Anyone But Her

Cover of Anyone But Her

Jamie has been there for her through everything. Plus, she’s interested in learning more about the family he never speaks of. Living in California for eight years, Charlie Miller has been able to live authentically, but being back in her small Maryland hometown with her conservative family means going back into the closet. What she […]

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Lexi’s Cup of Tea

Cover of Lexi's Cup of Tea

Lexi Nichols thought she was on the verge of fulfilling all her dreams: a successful modeling career, one-of-a-kind friends, a degree in pediatric nursing, and a drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend. But when her job aspirations hit a dead end and she finds out her “girlfriend” may not feel the same way, her world comes crashing down […]

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Cabin Fever

Cover of Cabin Fever

Kate Minton’s life is collapsing. She’s fired, her estranged father dies, and her girlfriend dumps her. Her older half-brothers inherit everything, and all Kate gets is a remote, rundown Idaho cabin that no one knew existed. But if Kate lives there for a year, she’ll inherit half a million dollars. The move leads her to […]

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Cover of Presidential

High-flying pediatric surgeon Emily Lawrence is new to Washington DC. Her first week in her new job puts her on a collision course with the most powerful woman in America, President Calvin. Constance “Connie” Calvin’s first term is proving turbulent thanks to trying to juggle work and life as a widowed single mother to a […]

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The Woman I Found In Me

Cover of The Woman I Found In Me

Ella Gallaher wants to be taken seriously. She has lived a privileged life, but there’s more to her than shopping all day and partying all night. She wants a second chance at life to show she can make a difference. The owners at Make It Easy Designs recognize the promise in Ella and ask her […]

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Scarlett Fever

Cover of Scarlett Fever

Claudia Maddox did not expect to end up in the bed of a woman almost half her age, and she didn’t leave disappointed, but it was just a one-night bit of fun, wasn’t it? Albeit a hot, sexy, and unforgettable night, it was still just a bit of casual fun to blow away the cobwebs […]

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Cover of Rosemary

Only this time, it is her half IDB daughter, Birdie, and another hybrid teen, Rosemary, who will be called upon to create a treaty to save Earth from certain destruction. Soon life is further complicated by an unknown earthly threat, a human, who seeks revenge. Will Lily be strong enough to deal with the consequences […]

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These Thin Lines

Cover of These Thin Lines

In the heart of Paris, Chiara Conti is a Queen trapped in an Ivory Tower of haute couture, fortune and lovelessness. Lonely and dejected, she’s longing for inspiration, for direction, for understanding. When Vi Courtenay falls at her feet, losing her shoe like a veritable Cinderella, events are set in motion that will unravel their […]

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