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What are the levels I can achieve in the challenge?

We’re so glad you asked!

There are five levels with increasing difficulty, which you earn by fulfilling the requirements listed below and notifying us by submitting a Level-up form. (In addition to giving you a moment to bask in your accomplishment, this form also enters you for the end of year prize drawings.)

Garnet Level Badge




Garnet Level: Read at least 15 books from 15 different categories.






Topaz Level Badge




Topaz Level: Read at least 25 books from 25 different categories.






Sapphire Level Badge




Sapphire Level: Read at least 50 books from 50 different categories.






Amethyst Level Badge




Amethyst Level: Read at least 100 books from 100 different categories.






Emerald Level Badge




*Emerald Level: Read at least 200 books from 100 different categories.





As you achieve each level, you can download the corresponding badge by right-clicking on the image above. Feel free to display your badge on social media, websites, and/or blogs to tell others about your achievement!

*You don’t have to read two books in every category to reach Emerald. As long as you read at least one book in each of the 100 categories and all 200 books fit into any of the 100 reading challenge categories, you’re fine!

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