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What is the BookFinder?

We launched the I Heart SapphFic BookFinder on October 3, 2022 with over 1,000 sapphic books. Are those all the sapphic books in the world? Not even close! The database is still in its infancy and we will be working hard every day to enter more books. Our goal is to at least double the number of entries in the BookFinder by the end of 2022!

We sort books into 29 genres, and we currently have over 100 themes and character archetypes, plus settings, geographical locations, heat level, and more. The categories are constantly evolving based on feedback and the number of submissions we receive for each category. Right now, you can narrow down a search by genre, theme, archetype, sexual/gender identity, and setting. We hope to offer even more options in the future.

You may notice some of the categories are broad and others are very specific. It’s not because we care more about one category than another. Our system allows us to display up to 150 search results on a page, so when a category/location/setting approaches that threshold, we will attempt to break it down into more detailed categories to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. The database is still young. We have a team of six adding books to it daily and our goal is to have thousands of books just a click away from your ereader.

Right now, the books you will find are ones that have been submitted to us by authors or publishers by using a BookFinder submission form. The information from this form has to be entered by hand into our system, and just getting to 1000 books on launch day represented close to 150 hours of data entry time! We still have a few hundred forms left to process from pre-launch, but we are also happy to receive more. At the moment, the forms should be filled out only by an author or publisher. If your favorite book is missing, please contact the author or publisher. In the future, we may have additional ways to submit books, but we’re still settling in, so we appreciate your patience.

We hope you enjoy the BookFinder and encourage you to check back frequently for new options!

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