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Cover of Time's Arrow

Book: Time's Arrow

By Ash Gray

Neferre is a coarse, disgusting, slightly-alcoholic elf who is discovered while in a drunken stupor by a strange child in the dark depths of a swamp. Neferre offers to escort the child to safety, only to find the little girl…

Cover of The Watchtower of Rustoria

Book: The Watchtower of Rustoria

By Ash Gray

Omicron is a planet where the humans are the invading aliens. Corin is a native of Omicron, an aquatic assassin with a fantastical water version of asthma. She could be in the middle of ending a target only to wake…

Cover of The Thieves of Nottica

Book: The Thieves of Nottica

By Ash Gray

Omicron is a planet where the humans are the invading aliens. Rigg is a native of Omicron, a shape-shifter and the youngest member of the Keymasters, a band of professional thieves who use their skills to defy an overbearing government…

Cover of Hearth and Home

Book: Hearth and Home

By Ash Gray

When Calain receives a letter from her mother, summoning her to Realm Honione, the red knight agrees to go, determined to find a home for Zelda, far from the anger of the vengeneful Queen Cilia. Things turn sour, however, when…

Cover of Essential Selene

Book: Essential Selene

By Ash Gray

A hopeless Selene has spent the last few weeks feeling unwanted and unneeded by the group. When she decides to leave and join Wick, the sorceress to which is was originally Bound, Zelda and the knights are forced to pursue…

Cover of The Mermaids of Menosea

Book: The Mermaids of Menosea

By Ash Gray

After escaping the mysterious mist, Zelda finds herself north of Koradara, on the island of Menosea, where sorceresses and mermaids reside. Those who venture to Menosea are said never to return. Desperate to escape, Zelda seeks the aid of the…

Cover of Taming the Wolf Knight

Book: Taming the Wolf Knight

By Ash Gray

Having been banished by Lythara to the isle of Menosea, Zelda is trapped in a world of hostile elves with little hope of return. Lost and wandering through a magick mist, Zelda meets Arryn, an elven knight of the order…

Cover of The Light of Lythara

Book: The Light of Lythara

By Ash Gray

After settling the score with the witches of Raven’s Cross, Zelda is ready to settle down with the Knights of Falcon and raise her baby in peace. That is, until the new queen of Eriallon sends her a letter, asking…

Cover of The Revenge of Raven's Cross

Book: The Revenge of Raven's Cross

By Ash Gray

After her harrowing adventures with the Black Bear Clan, Zelda is ready to rest with her knights at Wolf Fortess, and perhaps do some steamy catching up. Her plans are thwarted, however, when the leader of Raven’s Cross, a beautiful…

Cover of Handfasting the Warrior Queen

Book: Handfasting the Warrior Queen

By Ash Gray

After Zelda and her knights survive their journey across the sea, they find themselves in the strange realm of Koradara, where a barbaric tribe has decided that Zelda should marry their warrior queen. After getting to know the queen, however…