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Cover of Rest for the Wicked

Book: Rest for the Wicked

By Ellen Hart | Narrated by Aimee Jolson

…out to find out who killed DeAndre, how his death is connected with the others, and what he was doing in Minneapolis in the first place. Rest for the Wicked is another outstanding addition to Ellen Hart’s award-winning mystery series….

Cover of Taken by the Wind

Book: Taken by the Wind

By Ellen Hart | Narrated by Christina Moore

…thinks they may have been abducted…or worse. Taken by the Wind, the latest riveting mystery from award-winning author and MWA Grand Master Ellen Hart, is a race against the clock for Jane and the terrified parents of two missing boys….

Cover of The Old Deep and Dark

Book: The Old Deep and Dark

By Ellen Hart | Narrated by Christina Moore

…the trails of two separate investigations, she’s surprised to find they might not be as unconnected as she thought. With The Old Deep and Dark, the latest installment in the award-winning Jane Lawless series, Ellen Hart has crafted another impeccably…

Cover of The Grave Soul

Book: The Grave Soul

By Ellen Hart | Narrated by Christina Moore

…only fraying at the edges, but about to burst apart. In The Grave Soul, MWA Grand Master Ellen Hart once again brings her intimate voice to the story of a family and the secrets that can build and destroy lives….

Cover of Fever in the Dark

Book: Fever in the Dark

By Ellen Hart | Narrated by Christina Moore

…up to Jane to prove their innocence…although the more she learns, the more she starts to wonder whether they actually are innocent. Ellen Hart will once again captivate readers with her trademark smart, clever, mystery plotting and rich, human characters….

Cover of The Milk of Human Kindness

Book: The Milk of Human Kindness

By Lori L. Lake

…great gift.” ~Lambda Book Report This remarkable anthology contains stories, essays, and memoirs by some of the brightest stars in the lesbian writing world: Katherine V. Forrest, Radclyffe, Karin Kallmaker, Cameron Abbott, Ellen Hart, Lori L. Lake, Caro Clarke, J.M….

Cover of Have Gun We'll Travel

Book: Have Gun We'll Travel

By Lori K. Lake

…Jaylynn. It’s a race to the finish as author Lori L. Lake uproots Dez and Jaylynn from the romance genre to bring them center stage in her first suspense thriller. Ellen Hart, Lammy Award-winning author of the Jane Lawless mystery…

Cover of Vital Lies

Book: Vital Lies

By Ellen Hart | Narrated by Aimee Jolson

Jane’s old friend Leigh has spent years renovating the house and reopening it as an inn and restaurant. The inn has become so successful that people drive the fifty miles from Minneapolis just for dinner. But when Jane and her…

Cover of A Small Sacrifice

Book: A Small Sacrifice

By Ellen Hart | Narrated by Aimee Jolson

Twenty-plus years have definitely changed things. Soap opera star Diana has become an alcoholic. Curt and Annie’s marriage is falling apart. Orson is hostile and surly. Theo is secretive. Alarmed when one of her friends unexpectedly dies, Cordelia sends for…

Cover of Faint Praise

Book: Faint Praise

By Ellen Hart | Narrated by Aimee Jolson

Jane Lawless and her friend, Cordelia Thorn, open investigations and find a tight-knit community of writers, artists and poets, all with connections to the deceased. Then, as a killer is about to be revealed, the balance of power makes a…