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Cover of Fierce Overture

Book: Fierce Overture

By Gun Brooke

Prepared to break her contract if necessary, all Noelle wants is a chance to sing her own songs. Desperate, the producers bring in their CEO, business tycoon Helena Forsythe, who is infamous for not taking any prisoners. Noelle expects the…

Cover of Pirate's Fortune

Book: Pirate's Fortune

By Gun Brooke

Her mission is to infiltrate a cutthroat band of space pirates along with a sentient bio-android, Madisyn Pimm. Pimm’s sole purpose is to bring pirates to justice. The sophisticated android looks human, but Weiss soon realizes that Madisyn has her…

Cover of Speed Demons

Book: Speed Demons

By Gun Brooke

Evie is plagued by nightmares and fears racing again, but she doesn’t want to give up her dream. Blythe Pierce, renowned photographer, struggles with her own demons, having worked in one warzone after another. Blythe witnessed Evie Marshall’s crash through…

Cover of The Blush Factor

Book: The Blush Factor

By Gun Brooke

While doing research, Eleanor discovers the YouTube makeup gurus and the most successful channel, “The Blush Factor,” becomes her guilty pleasure. She finds the much-younger woman in the videos mesmerizing and profoundly attractive in a way she had never felt…

Cover of Advance: Exodus

Book: Advance

By Gun Brooke

Joined by Commander Aniwyn “Spinner” Seclan, larger-than-life, reckless, and not Dael’s first choice as CAG, Commander of the Air Group, she has to admit Spinner is a brilliant pilot. Spinner finds Admiral Caydoc an uncompromising, rigid, pain of an officer…

Cover of Pathfinder

Book: Pathfinder

By Gun Brooke

ollowing the Advance team, the Exodus ship heads toward a new homeworld. Here they will build a future without the threat of mutated changers. Chief Engineer Adina Vantressa, responsible for keeping the Exodus vessel operational, stays far away from her…

Cover of A Reluctant Enterprise

Book: A Reluctant Enterprise

By Gun Brooke

As Thorn Enterprise’s US branch president, she goes into business with Maeve DeForest, a party-loving socialite. Aeron DeForest, Maeve’s clandestine daughter, was brought up by nannies and sent off to boarding schools and has always been invisible to her mother….

Cover of Piece of Cake

Book: Piece of Cake

By Gun Brooke

What’s more, Kendal has willingly agreed to it. Holly needs a wife to remain in the US despite an expired visa. Now it’s their wedding day. Kendal is about to marry the woman she secretly loves, but she is afraid….

Cover of Escape

Book: Escape

By Gun Brooke

President Thea Tylio carries the ultimate responsibility for their success. Newly divorced, she buries herself in her work. Thea keeps Caya Lindemay, a young changer in protective custody. Caya loathes her luxurious prison, but still helps the president whenever her…

Cover of Thorns of the Past

Book: Thorns of the Past

By Gun Brooke | Narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

Framed for a bad shooting while on the force, she is set on finding out the truth about what happened. Sabrina Hawk, a successful accountant with an impressive client list, still suffers the aftereffects from an assault during her college…