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Cover of Chain Reactions

Book: Chain Reactions

By Lynn Ames | Narrated by Emily Beresford

Some of Diana Lindstrom’s fondest memories involve childhood experiments conducted under the watchful supervision of her Great-Aunt Nora, a celebrated physicist long ago shunned by the family for mysterious reasons. Now in her adult years and a sought-after scientist herself,…

Cover of Great Bones

Book: Great Bones

By Lynn Ames

Rachel Wallach has a great life–on paper. Millions of people fall in love with her words every day. Her greeting card sentiments are the stuff of legend in the industry. And yet … and yet she couldn’t find the right…

Cover of Final Cut

Book: Final Cut

By Lynn Ames | Narrated by Emily Beresford

Nearly three decades ago, Katherine Kyle and Jamison Parker saved the life of the President of the United States, in the process exposing an exceedingly dangerous, powerful shadow organization. The entire episode came at great personal cost and forever changed…

Cover of Heartsong

Book: Heartsong

By Lynn Ames

After three years spent mourning the death of her partner in a tragic climbing accident, Danica Warren has re-emerged in the public eye. With a best-selling memoir, a blockbuster movie about her heroic efforts to save three other climbers, and…

Cover of The Price of Fame

Book: The Price of Fame

By Lynn Ames | Narrated by Emily Beresford

When local television news anchor Katherine Kyle is thrust into the national spotlight, it sets in motion a chain of events that will change her life forever. Jamison “Jay” Parker is an intensely career-driven Time magazine reporter; she has experienced…

Cover of Eyes on the Stars

Book: Eyes on the Stars

By Lynn Ames

Jessie Keaton and Claudia Sherwood were as different as night and day. But when their nation needed experienced female pilots, their reactions were identical: heed the call. In early 1943, the two women joined the Women Airforce Service Pilots—the WASPs—and…

Cover of Above Reproach

Book: Above Reproach

By Lynn Ames

Sedona Ramos is a dedicated public servant. Fluent in three languages, with looks that allow her to pass for Hispanic, Native American, or Middle Eastern, she is a valuable asset to the super-secret National Security Agency. When she accidentally stumbles…

Cover of All That Lies Within

Book: All That Lies Within

By Lynn Ames | Narrated by Emily Beresford

Glamorous movie star Dara Thomas has it all—an Oscar nomination, dozens of magazine covers proclaiming her the sexiest woman alive, and people of both sexes clamoring for her attention. She also has a carefully guarded secret life. As Constance Darrow,…

Cover of Bright Lights of Summer

Book: Bright Lights of Summer

By Lynn Ames

It’s March, 1941. Captain America appears in a comic book for the very first time. New York City receives 18.1 inches of snow, its 3rd largest snowfall in history. In Holland, the Nazi occupiers forbid Jews to own businesses. In…

Cover of One ~ Love

Book: One ~ Love

By Lynn Ames

Trystan Lightfoot allowed herself to love once in her life; the experience broke her heart and strengthened her resolve never to fall in love again. At forty, however, she still longs for the comfort of a woman’s arms. She finds…