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Cover of Out Of The Shadows

Book: Out Of The Shadows

By Raven J. Spencer

Shelby Grace Nash, known as the drummer in Emmy Whittaker’s band, is stepping out of her friend’s shadow to produce an album of her own. While making her dream come true, Shelby Grace has to examine the reasons why her…

Cover of Behind The Scenes

Book: Behind The Scenes

By Raven J. Spencer

Molly is an actress hoping to get her big break someday. She’s intrigued and troubled alike by her attraction to Caitlyn, who happens to be her boyfriend’s assistant. She knows she has to break up with him, but timing never…

Cover of Surrender Forever

Book: Surrender Forever

By Raven J. Spencer

Her team confronts Carter with disturbing information. Is Penny stealing from her, betraying her by working with Carter’s enemies? Nick seems to think so, but Carter doesn’t want to believe her wife could turn against her. She makes inquiries of…

Cover of Surrender and Joy

Book: Surrender And Joy

By Raven J. Spencer

Penny and Carter use their wealth to give a little Christmas magic to those who need it. Penny faces a new threat and handles it better than she thought, while Carter helps her deal in her own ways. Nothing will…

Cover of Exposed

Book: Exposed

By Raven J. Spencer

Sunny has exposed the secrets of many celebrities and public figures for Modern Profile Magazine. Now on the verge of a burnout, writing a piece on billionaire heiress Kate Doyle is the last thing she wants, but her boss leaves…

Cover of Surrender Your Heart

Book: Surrender Your Heart

By Raven J. Spencer

Penny can’t believe what happened to her: One day she’s studying sociology and paying her tuition with her job at a local café, the next she wakes up in a luxurious house which is the property of a rich and…

Cover of Surrender to Me

Book: Surrender To Me

By Raven J. Spencer

Penny is finally ready to say yes all the way, but married life doesn’t start off as expected. While the attraction between her and Carter is deepening, Penny still struggles to adjust to her new life full of luxury and…

Cover of Dominion

Book: Dominion

By Raven J. Spencer

Penny and Carter return with a new mission… Carter has plans to expand her and Penny’s empire with passion projects, one of them investing in women in art, including lesbian rock star Emmy Whittaker. She must postpone those plans when…

Cover of Borderline

Book: Borderline

By Raven J. Spencer

For Penny and Carter, it’s always been about passion…and politics. Struggling with recent developments, Carter decides to take a break from her involvement in the latter. Penny, like her employees, is worried about her wife’s new, somewhat fatalistic attitude, and…

Cover of On The Record

Book: On The Record

By Raven J. Spencer

Out and proud lesbian singer/songwriter Emmy Whittaker is not amused when her manager books her on Andrea Stone’s show. She has worked hard to build a following. That includes many younger fans who trust her to have their backs. Stone,…