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Cover of Straight Girls Wanna Have Fun

Book: Straight Girls Wanna Have Fun

By S. E. Chandler

Don’t look now, but Jackie’s high school tormentor crashes her bar scene and crushes her chances with a busty brunette to try to make nice. After some serious groveling from Ann–formerly Annie fucking Banks, Jackie agrees to hear out her…

Cover of The Lie That Binds

Book: The Lie That Binds

By S.E. Chandler

Ehra Havel is pretending to live like the elitist Omeo class that is trying to exploit and extinguish unmatched people just like her. Adopted from the streets of futuristic Chicago by an Omeo couple, she’s raised to follow the rules…

Cover of The Straight Girl That Got Away

Book: The Straight Girl That Got Away

By S. E. Chandler

B-list starlet, Sawyer Quinn, seeks out the perpetually depressed but extremely talented tattoo artist Jules Egan. Jules grants Sawyer’s bizarre request for a private tattoo (very near her actual privates), and their chemistry makes an undeniable love potion. With Sawyer…

Cover of Straight Girls Season One Shadow Stories

Book: Straight Girls Season One Shadow Stories

By S. E. Chandler

Straight Girls Season One love interests tell all: You met the one-night wonder, Jackie, in Straight Girls Wanna Have Fun. Then the quiet nerd looking for long-term love, Dani, in Straight Girls Trip. You went deep with the brooding artist,…

Cover of Straight Girl Next Door

Book: Straight Girl Next Door

By S. E. Chandler

Billy is curious when her neighbor’s daughter moves back home after a divorce. A couple of gruff encounters with Andi and Billy thinks she understands why she’s suddenly single. Except she can’t stop checking out Andi’s sculpted legs and reveling…

Cover of Straight Girls Don't Cry

Book: Straight Girls Don't Cry

By S. E. Chandler

Canny, well, she goes by her last name because Rose never fit her anyway, is getting by week to week–and sometimes, table to table–after dropping out of art school. So what if she’s talented. Life isn’t supposed to work out…

Cover of Calling Her Home

Book: Calling Her Home

By S.E. Chandler

Vann Townsend is complacent with her perfect life in LA until it’s upended when her wife vanishes. While looking for her, Vann finds her brother-in-law all too familiar and too comforting. When life throws Vann another gut punch in the…

Cover of Shanghai Murder

Book: Shanghai Murder

By Jessie Chandler

The crew is poised to spend the weekend flying high on Voodoo Doughnuts and a surplus of caffeine. But bad java, stolen ammunition, and an overheard conversation throw all the fun right out of the Oregon Convention Center’s window. Shay…

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Author Interview: S.E. Chandler Chats about Calling Her Home

Get ready to learn more about the book Calling Her Home in this discussion with sapphic author S.E. Chandler. Join us for an exclusive peek behind the scenes as we quiz S.E. Chandler about Calling Her Home, writing, reading, and…