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Cover of Take Two

Book: Take Two

By Stephanie Shea

Being in love is Whitney Dimaano’s favorite past time. Though lately, she can’t seem to get it right. She’s tried—she is trying—but it just hasn’t…clicked, and maybe her time would be better spent focusing on all the things that are…

Cover of Whispering Oaks

Book: Whispering Oaks

By Stephanie Shea

A 2022 Goldies Finalist Nothing ever happens in Whispering Oaks. The air is clean; uncorrupted by a tawdry downtown. Birds twitter. Crime is nigh non-existent. It’s the picture-perfect suburb with all the effects of classy restaurants and diverse nightlife. Not…

Cover of Chef's Kiss

Book: Chef's Kiss

By Stephanie Shea

A 2022 Goldies Finalist… Valentina Rosas has always known what she wants. Mostly. Sort of. At least, she does now. And what she wants is the coveted staging role at Gia, San Francisco. With four years at the top of…

Cover of Nochebuena

Book: Nochebuena

By Stephanie Shea

Camila Morales is a hopeless romantic. Not that she thinks every couple is meant to be—she is a divorce lawyer, after all. But when her happy, married-thirty-years parents announce their own separation three weeks before Christmas, Cami’s world is turned…

Reach Past the Shadows All About the Books Graphic

All About: Reach Past the Shadows by D.L. O'Neil

Reach Past the Shadows by D.L. O’Neil Released: Date Genre: Mystery Why this book and why now? The characters in Reach Past the Shadows actually wrote this story themselves–I was just the typist. D’Shea, Evie, Quinn, and Sarge were anxious…

Cover of A Perfect Match

Book: A Perfect Match

By Erin Dutton

After a high-profile breakup, professional golfer Tiernan O’Shea’blows a considerable lead and loses a major tournament. Soon, unable to get her game back on track, she is in danger of losing her sponsor. The upcoming Celebrity Pro-Am is her…

Cover of The Faerie Queen

Book: The Faerie Queen

By Lucy True

…her old life, Chiara is prepared to face nasty fae, a dangerous world, and overwhelming odds to gain her freedom. What she isn’t prepared for is Shea, a cocky faerie huntress who dogs her every step. The stakes are high,…

Cover of Awake Unto Me

Book: Awake Unto Me

By Kathleen Knowles

Kerry O’Shea’always handled what life threw at her. Growing up on San Francisco’s Barbary Coast, schooled in the streets by her con-man father, she fights to make a place for herself as a cook in the Palace Hotel. Escaping…

Cover of Love Through the Shadows

Book: Love Through the Shadows

By D. L. O'Neil

…women’s music festival when a rash of petty crime and vandalism strike. When young women begin to disappear, something has to be done to keep locals and visitors safe. D’Shea Sinclair and women from the festival set out to unravel…

Cover of In the Shadow of Heroes

Book: In the Shadow of Heroes

By D. L. O'Neil

…left behind? What makes this place so special to D’Shea? And who is tracking their every move from the shadows? Join Sarge and the other Fieldston women as they explore what came before, and for some, what may come next….