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Cover of Make Her Wish Come True

Book: Make Her Wish Come True

By A.L. Brooks

Abby Baxter’s burning ambition to be a reporter gets a boost when her journalist friend offers her a deal: Fake-date a woman for a story she’s writing on finding love, and she’ll swing Abby a co-writing credit. It’s a dream…

Cover of Swiping Right and Other Disasters

Book: Swiping Right and Other Disasters

By Sally Brooks

When Kiera’s wife leaves her, she has to rebuild her life. At 41, with a new home in Kings Heath, a diverse and vibrant part of Birmingham, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Encouraged by friends, she tries online…

All About Promise is a Promise

All About: Promise is a Promise by Mary D. Brooks

Promise is a Promise by Mary D. Brooks Released: December 23, 2022 Genre: Romance: Comedy Why this book and why now? I needed to write something light-hearted and it cheered me up. Writing about my favourite characters having fun is…

Cover of White Dragon

Book: White Dragon

By Regina Hanel

…friend, Ronni Summers, provides welcome support, but no one can figure out who is involved in the attacks. Ronni’s brief encounter with Cali Brooks taunts her dreams, but finding her potential soul mate again proves most difficult. As Thanksgiving approaches,…

Cover of After Sappho

Book: After Sappho

By Selby Wynn Schwartz

Ignited by the same muse, a myriad of women break from their small, predetermined lives for seemingly disparate paths: in 1892, Rina Faccio trades her needlepoint for a pen; in 1902, Romaine Brooks sails for Capri with nothing but her…

Cover of Saving Mia

Book: Saving Mia

By Anna Stone | Narrated by Allie Shae

Mia Brooks needs money, fast. Deep in debt to help pay her sister’s medical bills, her loan shark is coming to collect. Her solution? Auctioning off the one thing she’s been saving—herself. The highest bidder is Cassandra Lee, self-made businesswoman…

Cover of Waltzing on the Danube

Book: Waltzing on the Danube

By Miranda MacLeod | Narrated by Stephanie Murphy

Jeanie Brooks is a small town history teacher who sometimes leaps before she looks, but when she books a last minute river cruise for lesbian singles, she knows she’ll have no regrets. Two weeks of beautiful women and glorious adventure…

Cover of Eagle Ridge

Book: Eagle Ridge

By Brooklyn Graham

…in charge of a character-building adventure, and things go terribly wrong. Cynthia Brooks, a ranger with the forestry service finds herself thrown in with Allison, as she attempts a rescue. Allison is floundering in a loveless marriage and Cynthia wants…