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Cover of Blue

Book: Blue

By Lise Gold | Narrated by TJ Richards

…recovery from recent ill health but also to seeing his favorite niece, Celia again. When Dieter places the winning bid, he invites Erin, Celia and his love interest Andy to join him on the yacht. Erin soon finds out that…

Cover of Coffee & Conclusions

Book: Coffee and Conclusions

By Emma Sterner-Radley

…between Erin and Isabella shrinks, other hurdles appear. Will Erin’s insecurities and the ghosts of her past hold her back? Can Isabella’s manipulative mother threaten their path to finding happiness? Their online midnight coffee dates keep drawing them together, but…

Cover of Blood Moon

Book: Blood Moon

By Catherine Lundoff

…and Erin can’t remember what happened. Did Erin fall off the wagon and murder a former foe? She doesn’t trust herself and Becca’s beginning to have her doubts. If that wasn’t enough, Becca’s ex-husband sold their old house and their…

Cover of Mistakes Were Made

Book: Mistakes Were Made

By Meryl Wilsner | Narrated by Stephanie Nemeth Parker, Quinn Riley

…college senior. In her defense, she hadn’t known Cassie was a student when they’d met. To make things worse, Erin’s daughter brings Cassie to breakfast the next morning. And despite Erin’s better judgement—how could sleeping with your daughter’s friend be…

Cover of Off the Menu

Book: Off the Menu

By Alaina Erdell

…Taylor refuses to play nice with Erin, especially on camera. They make each other’s blood boil, which is why it’s even more annoying that they can’t manage to keep their hands off each other. Erin only cares about entertaining viewers….

Cover of Out to Get Her

Book: Out to Get Her

By Leigh Landry

Erin’s Louisiana hometown return lands her between yet another arson accusation and a murder… on her late grandfather’s property. Samantha investigates the homicide with her trademark calm and control, a stark contrast to Erin’s perpetual chaos. She tries to keep…

Cover of Suspecting Her

Book: Suspecting Her

By Mary P. Burns

Erin walks into one of her open houses, all bets are off. She invites Erin to a private showing. Then, she asks her to dinner. And a friend’s wedding. The more time she spends with Erin, the deeper she falls….

Cover of Sheridan's Fate

Book: Sheridan's Fate

By Gun Brooke

Lark Mitchell, a physiotherapist, reluctantly agrees to work at the luxurious mansion of Sheridan Ward, head of San Antonio’s largest business conglomerate, Ward Industries. Having barely escaped death, Sheridan is now confined to a wheelchair and, furious over her loss…

Cover of Bird-Eyes

Book: Bird-Eyes

By Madelyn Arnold

In 1963, being different can be illegal—as sixteen-year-old Latisha, a lesbian runaway, discovers when she is sentenced to treatment in the locked ward of a mental hospital for being “incorrigible” and a threat to society. Her best friend in the…

Cover of Hot Keys

Book: Hot Keys

By R.E. Ward

In 1920s New York City, it’s hard on the streets, but Betty May Dewitt and her best friend, Jack Norval, are determined to make their Tin Pan Alley dreams come true. Fate leads them to a speakeasy called the Trespass…