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Today is National King Day

January 23 is National King Day Graphic

On a day dedicated to kings, we can think of nothing better than reading a book with a drag king! Drag Queens have become synonymous with story hours of late, but seldom does the Drag King get the accolades he deserves. Well, today is the day that changes, starting with three delightful books with drag […]

All About: Reach Past the Shadows by D.L. O’Neil

Reach Past the Shadows All About the Books Graphic

 Reach Past the Shadows by D.L. O’Neil Released: Date Genre: Mystery Why this book and why now? The characters in Reach Past the Shadows actually wrote this story themselves–I was just the typist. D’Shea, Evie, Quinn, and Sarge were anxious to show everyone how true love can overcome lies, hate, and any other obstacle thrown […]

Today is Vietnamese New Year

January 22 is Vietnamese New Year

Today is Tet, the most important holiday of the year in Vietnamese culture. Chúc mừng năm mới, or a happy new year to all who are celebrating today! The Lunar New Year in Vietnam is celebrated with visits to family, the honoring of ancestors, and huge amounts of food. Let’s be honest. They had us […]

SapphFic News, Kim Pritekel, 8 Sapphic Books on Sale, Caturday, and More!

SapphFic Mischief Saturday Morning Graphic

We’re three weeks into the new year and 2023 is in full swing here at IHS! We’ve made a lot of changes and added so much regular content lately. If your head is spinning from all of it, you’re in the right place to help sort it all out! We’ve heard from so many readers […]

Today is National Conscious Uncoupling Day

January 21 is National Conscious Uncoupling Day graphic

While the hallmark of a good lesbian romance is a happily ever after ending, real life is not always so kind. It is an unfortunate fact that roughly 50% of marriages will end in divorce. Research shows that holidays and tax season are the most common times for couples to decide to call it quits. […]

Top Sapphic Books, Claire Highton-Stevenson, Freebie, and More

Friday Feels Graphic

We have three top sapphic books with the most clicks this week, 5 Random Things about author Claire Highton-Stevenson, and an adorable dog to get your weekend off to a fantastic start! Are you taking part in the 2023 IHS Reading Challenge? We hope so! In fact, we’re making it even easier to participate with […]

Today is International Fetish Day

January 20 is International Fetish Day Graphic

Don your purple clothing in support of the fetish community on this International Fetish Day! The first International Fetish Day was celebrated in 2009 in part to protest a UK law banning “extreme pornography.” This was seen by many as an ill-conceived law that unfairly targeted consenting adults in the BDSM community. The wearing of […]

All About: Chasing Life by Abigail Taylor

All About Chasing Life by Abigail Taylor

Chasing Life by Abigail Taylor Released: January 5, 2023 Genre: Romance: Comedy Why this book and why now? I initially wrote Falling Blindly as a standalone. However, I had many people asking about Jessie, so I decided to share her story, which is one of hope, love, and overcoming fears. What is a significant way […]

Vote for Best Sapphic Musician

Remember to Vote

Every week, we ask readers on social media to nominate books in a different category. After collecting the nominations for a week, we create a Best of the Best poll, allowing readers to decide the top 3 in each category. To nominate your favorite books, follow us on: Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, and Facebook. Find the winners […]

Today is Brew a Potion Day

Recommending sapphic books with potions for Brew a Potion Day

Whether for love, healing, or other magical properties, potions are a mainstay of any witchy cauldron. There are a lot of sapphic books with witches in them, but it was a lot harder to find books that specifically mentioned potions. But we found two, and have rounded out the list with a book that may […]