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Today is World Wildlife Conservation Day

World Wildlife Conservation Day

Did you know humans are the world’s #1 invasive species? Throughout the history of our planet, humans have made our way to every continent and habitat. Today we reflect on the impact our use of resources has on our environment and what we can do to conserve wildlife instead of endangering it. Today we bring […]

Dorothy Rice Bennett, SapphFic News, Caturday, Book Deals, and More!

SapphFic Mischief

Happy weekend! We’re thrilled the weekend has arrived. TB woke up with a sore throat, so she plans to listen to a book on the couch all day and whine. A normal Saturday for her. Miranda has loads of family plans and more than likely won’t be checking her messages from TB asking for more […]

Today is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Let’s raise awareness of the challenges faced by people with disabilities People living with mental and physical disabilities are valued members of society and deserve equal opportunities for successful, healthy, and productive lives. The purpose of today is to celebrate the contributions made by people with disabilities and to increase our awareness of ways to […]

S.E. Smyth, Top Books, Freebie, and Beautiful Cat

We made it to another Friday and it’s time to celebrate. Here at IHS Headquarters we’ve collapsed into a puddle after surviving the Mega Sale. TB plans to binge watch British telly and Miranda is going to see the Nutcracker with her parents. Fun side note, her parents entered hundreds of books into the BookFinder […]

Today is Bartender Appreciation Day!

It's Bartender Appreciation Day

Let’s raise a toast to the people who mix our favorite drinks! For as long as there have been bars (hint: that’s a really long time, as even the ancient Greeks and Romans had public drinking establishments) there have been bartenders ready to serve us our drinks, and maybe listen to a problem or two […]

All About: Observations on the Danger of Female Curiosity by Suzanne Moss

Observations on the Danger of Female Curiosity by Suzanne Moss Released: November 19, 2022 Genre: Historical Fiction Why this book and why now? Honestly, I didn’t start from wanting to write a fiction book, I started from wanting to share the awesome science and people I encountered whilst writing my PhD. I eventually realised that […]

Vote for Best Sapphic Grumpy / Sunshine

Remember to Vote

Every week, we ask readers on social media to nominate books in a different category. After collecting the nominations for a week, we create a Best of the Best poll, allowing readers to decide the top 3 in each category. To nominate your favorite books, follow us on: Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, and Facebook Find the winners […]

It’s National Tie Month!

December is National Necktie Month

This is the month we celebrate everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) wardrobe accessory. Love them or hate them, December is the month set aside to pay homage to the staple of work attire and formalwear, the necktie. Synonymous with men’s fashion for centuries, wearing a tie can make a powerful statement about gender identity, or […]

All About: The Mermaid Hypothesis by Siri Caldwell

The Mermaid Hypothesis by Siri Caldwell Released: October 25, 2022 Genre: Paranormal Romance Why this book and why now? I’ve always wanted to write a shapeshifter mermaid romance because it’s such a great metaphor for having another identity hidden beneath the surface. If you’ve ever felt like you had to suppress your true self, downplay […]

Mission Book Possible #30

Find a Book

We’ve officially surpassed 2,000 books in the database! We’ve created a fun way for readers to go on a sapphic book finding mission to get familiar with this new resource. Four prizes of a $15 Amazon gift card will be awarded in drawings on November 9, 16, 23, and 30. For complete rules, click here. […]