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Cover of Backwards to Oregon

Book: Backwards to Oregon

By Jae | Narrated by Hayden Bishop

“Luke” Hamilton has always been sure that she’d never marry. She accepted that she would spend her life alone when she chose to live her life disguised as a man. After working in a brothel for three years, Nora Macauley…

Cover of Something in the Wine

Book: Something in the Wine

By Jae | Narrated by Laura Bannister

All her life, Annie Prideaux has suffered through her brother’s constant practical jokes only he thinks are funny. But Jake’s last joke is one too many, she decides when he sets her up on a blind date with his friend…

Cover of Worth the Wait

Book: Worth the Wait

By Jae

When struggling actress Jill lands her dream TV role, she rushes home to celebrate with her girlfriend, stuntwoman Crash. A steamy shower leads to sheet-rumpling passion as they try out a new sex toy. Will their intimate celebration turn out…

Cover of Love Beneath the Christmas Tree

Book: Love Beneath the Christmas Tree

By Jae

Three short stories that follow the lives of Rachel Lewis, self-confessed Christmas Grump, and Lillian Coleman, the woman who makes her believe in the magic of Christmas again. ***The Christmas Grump*** For Rachel Lewis, a security guard at the mall,…

Cover of The Midnight Couch

Book: The Midnight Couch

By Jae

At 30, Paula, a technician at a radio station, feels a bit ridiculous for having a big crush on Dr. Christine Graham, host of the late-night radio show The Midnight Couch. Every night when midnight approaches, she vows that this…

Cover of Dress-tease

Book: Dress-tease

By Jae

Nothing could possibly be more erotic than watching the woman you love taking off her clothes in front of you, right? That’s what Lauren thinks, until she witnesses her girlfriend, celebrity actress Grace Durand, dressing up for a movie premiere….

Cover of Paper Love

Book: Paper Love

By Jae | Narrated by Abby Craden

Susanne Wolff isn’t thrilled when her mother sends her all the way across the country to Freiburg to save her uncle’s stationery store from bankruptcy. Freiburg is too provincial for her taste, and besides, pen and paper are outdated anyway….

Cover of Not the Marrying Kind

Book: Not the Marrying Kind

By Jae | Narrated by Angela Dawe

Small-town florist Ashley Gaines loves her little flower shop and putting together the perfect bouquets for weddings and other happy occasions. Her own love life, however, is far from blossoming. Ash has decided that staying in the closet is safer…

Cover of The Roommate Arrangement

Book: The Roommate Arrangement

By Jae | Narrated by Lori Prince

Comedian Stephanie Renshaw hopes to finally get her big break in LA. A chance encounter lands her the perfect apartment close to the comedy clubs, but it comes with a catch: she needs a roommate to afford the rent. Enter…

Cover of Wrong Number, Right Woman

Book: Wrong Number, Right Woman

By Jae | Narrated by Angela Dawe

Flirting has never been Denny’s strong suit, but so what if she’s too shy to ask women out? She’s content with her simple life, working as a cashier and helping her sister raise her niece. But then she gets a…