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Cover of Romance Springs Eternal

Book: Romance Springs Eternal

By Anne Hagan

Includes stories by Selina Shaw, Barbara Winkes, Carol Anne Douglas, Anne Hagan, Edale Lane From rekindling long-simmering desires and confronting painful pasts to finding the courage to embrace new love, “Romance Springs Eternal” celebrates the many forms that passion can…

Cover of Loving Blue in Red States: Perryville Missouri

Book: Loving Blue in Red States: Perryville Missouri

By Anne Hagan

…different either…at least, that’s what they think. Will they find common ground in the light of day? Perryville Missouri is the fourth short story in the Loving Blue in Red States series by Anne Hagan. It was preceded by, Sweetwater…

Cover of Sapphic Sizzle

Book: Sapphic Sizzle

By Anne Hagan

Take a break with these bestselling indie authors. They promise to turn up the heat! Before Dana ~ Anne Hagan In Your Hands ~ Johana Gavez My Edinburgh Awakening ~ Kitty McIntosh Return of the Brat ~ Kim Hartfield Silly…

Cover of Queen Vs Queen

Book: Queen Vs Queen

By Anne Hagan and Barbara Winkes, Alysia D. Evans

…intimate rapport? Find out in this irresistible ice queen romance. *** Turning Two by Anne Hagan If your flame constantly singes others, maybe you need a dose of your own medicine. Tonya and Abigail, two forces of nature from different…

Queen Vs Queen All about the books Graphic

All About: Queen Vs Queen by Anne Hagan

Queen Vs Queen by Anne Hagan Released: Mar 21, 2023 Genre: Contemporary Romance Why this book and why now? Last March, an online sapphic book group did a March Madness style tournament bracket of sapphic tropes to see which one…

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All About: Fake Marriage Planning Inc by Anne Hagan

Fake Marriage Planning Inc by Anne Hagan Released: Aug 24, 2023 Genre: Romantic Comedy Why this book and why now? I love fake relationship stories. As an author, I’m always asking, ‘What if?’ In this case it was, what if…

Cover of Sapphic Sweets

Book: Sapphic Sweets

By Anne Hagan

…Quinn and Carlotta in ‘Cake Ache.’ Sweat it out with Charlene and Sierra in ‘Fit Benefit.’ Finally, meet Mandy, and the woman who changed her life without even knowing it, Lisette, in the preview of Anne’s future novel, “Drizzle Sizzle.’…

Cover of Christmas Cakes and Kisses

Book: Christmas Cakes and Kisses

By Anne Hagan

…Morgan, the other woman draws away and contemplates changing course entirely. Can they come together and find joy in the season of joy?This is a sweet romance featuring a character from Anne’s popular Morelville Mysteries series. The book stands alone….

Cover of Misfit Christmas

Book: Misfit Christmas

By Anne Hagan

When Sophia Vaca’s family immigrated from Ecuador to the U.S. many people helped them along their way. Her parents taught her to always pay every kindness forward. On the verge of completing college with a degree in social work, her…

Cover of Broken Women

Book: Broken Women

By Anne Hagan

Where do you go when you lose everything? Who do you turn to next when nobody seems to want you for more than a casual fling? When death unexpectedly takes the love of your life, the best you can do…