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Cover of Curtain Call

Book: Curtain Call

By C H Clepitt | Narrated by Daryl Lauren

C H Clepitt has a knack for creating real, relatable characters, who face adversity with humour and humanity, and Curtain Call is no exception. When an assistant to the director role turns into P.A. to her favourite film star, Jen…

Cover of Eye of the Beholder

Book: Eye of the Beholder

By C H Clepitt | Narrated by Lynda Remmer

…and sets about trying to find a way to save her new friend, who she is rapidly growing to love. Eye of the Beholder is the first in a series of queer fairy tale retellings in C H Clepitt’s Magic…

Cover of Wolf Killer

Book: Wolf Killer

By C H Clepitt

…you have a serial killer on your heels she is just the woman you want in your life! Book 3 of the Magic Mirror collection takes Red Riding Hood, and tells it in a way only C H Clepitt can!…

Once Bitten

All About: Once Bitten by C H Clepitt

Once Bitten by C H Clepitt Released: Aug 26, 2023 Genre: Horror Why this book and why now? I have been working on this book since 2021. I’ve always been a huge vampire nerd, but since the recent controversies with…

Cover of A Poison Apple

Book: A Poison Apple

By C H Clepitt | Narrated by Lynda Remmer

Europe is at war, and when Christa is persuaded by the glamorous and mysterious Lady Prince to blow up the Nazi lab where she works she is forced to flee to Britain. However, Christa is pursued by the jealous and…

Cover of Everything Is Better With A Cape

Book: Everything Is Better With A Cape

By C H Clepitt

What is better than a sarcastic talking badger? A sarcastic talking badger with superpowers, of course! Having survived the apocalypse, Kerry is back to being a socially awkward web developer, but when apocalypse survivors start ending up dead, with her…

Cover of Or What You Will

Book: Or What You Will

By C H Clepitt | Narrated by Sandy Kennedy

After losing her job, Sian goes to visit her brother on the island where he works, only to discover his hut in ruins and him nowhere to be found. Alone on a strange island, she takes the only path open…

Cover of Once Bitten

Book: Once Bitten

By C H Clepitt

Having survived a series of terrifying attacks with the help of the beautiful and mysterious Morgan, Meg resolves to fight back. With the help of a small group of vampires and humans they endeavour to stand up and take back…

Cover of I Wore Heels to the Apocalypse

Book: I Wore Heels to the Apocalypse

By C H Clepitt | Narrated by Georgie Leonard

Is anyone truly prepared for the apocalypse? Well, Kerry certainly isn’t, and she fairly quickly discovers that looking sharp in a business suit and heels is not going to help anyone when there’s an apocalypse, with possible zombies! Together with…