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Cover of Lesbians on the Loose

Book: Lesbians on the Loose

By Lori L. Lake and Jessie Chandler

…for themselves and others. You won’t regret going on the lam with these terrific writers! Stories by: Elizabeth Sims, Carsen Taite, SY Thompson, Andi Marquette, Linda M. Vogt, VK Powell, Kate McLachlan, Lori L. Lake, Lynn Ames, Sandra de Helen,…

Cover of Perilous Obsession

Book: Perilous Obsession

By Carsen Taite | Narrated by Lula Larkin

Detective Beck Ramsey is paying a stiff price for blowing the whistle on a fellow cop. Relegated to the always underfunded, often ignored cold case desk, she’s biding her time until she can escape long-forgotten lost causes and get back…

Cover of Above the Law

Book: Above the Law

By Carsen Taite | Narrated by L.W. Salinas

Now she’s assigned to a task force investigating the suspects and she doesn’t need the distraction of the beautiful but infuriating reporter, Lindsey Ryan. Despite her initial resistance, Dale discovers that Lindsey is as talented and capable as she is…

Cover of It Should be a Crime

Book: It Should Be A Crime

By Carsen Taite | Narrated by Lori Prince

Two women meet in an alley and fulfill their mutual desire with a night of passion, neither expecting more than the few lusty hours they shared. Weeks later Morgan Bradley and Parker Casey meet again, but this time one is…

Cover of Her Consigliere

Book: Her Consigliere

By Carsen Taite | Narrated by Paige McKinney

Her loyalty will be put to the test when she learns the woman who has stolen her heart is determined to destroy the only world she has ever known. FBI agent Royal Scott is ready to ditch working undercover and…

Cover of Letter of the Law

Book: Letter of the Law

By Carsen Taite | Narrated by L.W. Salinas

As she draws closer to making the case against the notorious Vargas brothers, danger casts dark shadows over her family. When her case leads her to a gorgeous horsewoman with a mysterious background, will she take a chance at love…

Cover of Lay Down the Law

Book: Lay Down the Law

By Carsen Taite | Narrated by Karin Allers

Strong and steady, she’s known for keeping her cool in every situation, but when she meets the beautiful and accomplished heiress to the Gantry oil fortune, she falls fast and hard. When she learns her new assignment is to investigate…

Cover of Made for Her

Book: Made for Her

By Carsen Taite

Anastasia Petrov surrendered to her fate as the trophy wife of powerful mob boss Mikhail Petrov long ago, but their marriage of convenience has become increasingly less so since his reckless power grabs have put their fortune in peril. Taking…

Cover of Double Jeopardy

Book: Double Jeopardy

By Carsen Taite

Twice. But when the gorgeous, accomplished, former love of her life, Emma Reed, reappears in her life the week of her wedding, will Katie risk everything for another chance with the woman who might be her soul mate?

Cover of Trial and Error

Book: Trial and Error

By Carsen Taite | Narrated by Paige McKinney

When gunshots ring out in Judge Nina Aguilar’s courtroom, every one of her regrets flashes before her eyes. One of those regrets―her first love―reappears in her life in the most surprising way, and everything about their reunion signals that falling…