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Author Interview: Harlowe Frost Chats about Pacific Pack

Get ready to learn more about the book Pacific Pack in this discussion with sapphic author Harlowe Frost. Join us for an exclusive peek behind the scenes as we quiz Harlowe Frost about Pacific Pack, writing, reading, and more. This…

Cover of Pacific Pack

Book: Pacific Pack

By Harlowe Frost

Tamsin Hath, the rightful leader to her family’s werewolf pack, left them in the care of her older, more experienced beloved uncle. She now lives in Chicago and is at the mercy of the local pack. The death of her…

Cover of Wolf Magic

Book: Wolf Magic

By Harlowe Frost

Hiding her wolf instead of embracing it, Blake has spent her life focusing on learning magic; witches and wolves are at war. After a massive Midwest blizzard, she relocates to California and her aunt’s coven for a new start. When…

Cover of Galaxy Lessons

Book: Galaxy Lessons

By Harlowe Frost

Viera, a second-grade teacher in the Midwest, just wants to have a relaxing spring break. Friends and family tease her that she never travels far from home. A staycation at home is her dream week off. When she ends up…