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Cover of Changing Times

Book: Changing Times

By Jen Silver

Thirty years on from when we first met Dani Barker and Camila Callaghan in Changing Perspectives, they’re enjoying marriage and semi-retirement in a luxury flat near London. Dani’s niece, Holly, runs their mixed media business, now gaining a foothold in…

Cover of Deuce

Book: Deuce

By Jen Silver

When Jay Reid was in her twenties, she had it all. A professional tennis career, Charlotte, the love of her life and a new baby. It ended far too soon when Charlotte’s research vessel, RV Caspian, was lost at sea,…

Cover of Calling Home

Book: Calling Home

By Jen Silver

Sarah Frost enjoys her dream job as director of the Frost Foundation making her home at one of their writers’ retreats, The Lodge on the Lake. The general manager of The Lodge is Berry Fields, an old childhood friend. Galen…

Cover of The Circle Dance

Book: The Circle Dance

By Jen Silver

Jamie Steele has moved to another town trying to forget the heartbreak of losing her lover. She now has a low paying job as an IT technician, lives in a rented room, and is mostly failing at the forgetting part….

Cover of Running From Love

Book: Running From Love

By Jen Silver

Sam Wade returns home from a business trip to discover her wife of just two years has left her for another woman. Beth, a high school teacher, wants a divorce so she can settle down with her new (closeted) love,…

Cover of Arc Over Time

Book: Arc Over Time

By Jen Silver

Dr. Kathryn Moss has job offers flowing in after her exciting archaeological discoveries at Starling Hill the previous year. Now she has choices to make that could jeopardise her relationship with Denise Sullivan, the fiery journalist, who has become her…

Cover of Carved In Stone

Book: Carved In Stone

By Jen Silver

Join the characters from Starting Over and Arc Over Time in this final book from the Starling Hill trilogy. Ellie Winters thinks she might be going mad. How else can she explain the conversations she is having with someone who…

Cover of Darcy Comes Home

Book: Darcy Comes Home

By Jen Silver | Narrated by Nicola Victoria Vincent

After twenty-five years Darcy and Angie meet again and from the faintly flickering embers of their forbidden teenage love, a flame erupts. Family complications arise including a reluctant engagement, secret surrogacy, and a persistent ex-wife. Villagers in Professor Darcy Belsfield’s…

Cover of Country Living

Book: Country Living

By Jen Silver

When Peri Sanderson achieves her dream of moving from London to a cottage in the English countryside, she expects her domestic bliss will be complete when her wife, Karla, leaves her London job to join her. Peri sees their future…

Cover of Changing Perspectives

Book: Changing Perspectives

By Jen Silver | Narrated by Nicola Victoria Vincent

Art director, Dani Barker, lives life on the edge and getting into a fight in a lesbian leather bar on a Friday night isn’t an unusual occurrence. Camila Callaghan, finance director for a large company, feels satisfied with her life…