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All About An Inappropriate Affair

All About: An Inappropriate Affair by Lyn Denison

An Inappropriate Affair by Lyn Denison Released: November 27, 2022 Genre: Contemporary Romance Why this book and why now? I wanted a character whose self-esteem had been eroded, and who didn’t see herself as beautiful, as successful at fulfilling her…

Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

…Lane Locked Inside by Annette Mori The Ghost of Emily Tapper by Nita Round Gold Fever by Lyn Denison Thundering Pines by Rita Potter Married or Established Couple Grave Mistake by Eliza Lentzski The Dark Winter by Elena Graf All…

Cover of Always and Forever

Book: Always and Forever

By Lyn Denison | Narrated by Jenny Walters

Shann Delaney, singer, songwriter and single mother, has struggled to get her life and her career on track, and now everything is coming together for her. Ten years ago she had left home after arguments with her father and she’d…

Cover of For All Time

Book: For All Time

By Lyn Denison | Narrated by Jenny Walters

It’s the nineteen sixties. Life was different then. But Tyneholme, the magnificent, historic home of one of Brisbane’s pioneering families, the well-known Chaseleys, endures. Dickie Chaseley, grandson of the first Chaseley to arrive in Australia, is a respected businessman, and…

Cover of Past Remembering

Book: Past Remembering

By Lyn Denison | Narrated by Jenny Walters

To say Asha West’s life was in something of a slump would be an fairly accurate description. Her job wasn’t as satisfying as it had been, as she knew it should be, and then there was her failed relationship with…

Cover of Dreams Found

Book: Dreams Found

By Lyn Denison | Narrated by Jenny Walters

Riley James couldn’t have loved her adoptive parents more if she had been their biological daughter. They had never hidden the fact that she was adopted and as she grew older so too grew her curiosity about the parents who…

Cover of Silver Threads

Book: Silver Threads

By Lyn Denison

The life of Mel Jamieson, illustrator of best-selling children’s picture books, is not going well. Her relationship with Terry, her partner of six years, is over, and moving in the same circles as Terry and her new girlfriend is becoming…

Cover of Gold Fever

Book: Gold Fever

By Lyn Denison | Narrated by Jenny Walters

Kate Ballantyne’s life was cruising along very nicely. No highs. No lows. Just the way she liked it. She had a good job and a casual relationship. Then Patsy Maclean had a sixtieth birthday and Kate learned her entire family…

Cover of Dream Lover

Book: Dream Lover

By Lyn Denison | Narrated by Anthea Greco

Jo Creighton’s life was in tatters. All she had to show for the last 10 years was a failed marriage and trampled self-esteem. She’d been a naive fool who believed in fairy tales and true love. Gathering the last remnants…

Cover of The Wild One

Book: The Wild One

By Lyn Denison

Widow Rachel Weston’s life seems to be a constant juggle between raising her two children and managing her landscaping business. What she didn’t need was any drama upsetting her equilibrium. It was bad enough that she couldn’t find suitable staff…