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Cover of Death by Discount

Book: Death by Discount

By Mary Vermillion

So murder it is, as she finds herself in Aldoburg, Iowa, unravelling clues surrounding the death of her aunt, a radio personality. The town is sharply divided over Walmart, and Mara suspects that her aunt’s staunch opposition to the store’s…

Cover of Seminal Murder

Book: Seminal Murder

By Mary Vermillion

So what if Mara herself has 858 reasons (and counting) never to have children? She didn’t let that stop her when she and Grace launched a radio series on artificial insemination. And she won’t let anyone stop her from completing…

Cover of Murder by Mascot

Book: Murder by Mascot

By Mary Vermillion

Arrested for the murder is the director of the Iowa City Women’s Center, Anne Golding, who led a protest against the university when it allowed DeVoster to remain on the Hawkeye squad despite charges that he’d raped another UI athlete—a…