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Cover of Moon Over Old Hollywood

Book: Moon Over Old Hollywood

By Renn Loraine

Nicole is shaken. Her ex-girlfriend has been found dead under mysterious circumstances. Now someone is trying to kill her – and she doesn’t know why. The clues lead Nicole to the set of a television series about the glamorous, women-loving…

Cover of Moon over St. Augustine

Book: Moon Over St. Augustine

By Renn Loraine

One night in a foggy St. Augustine cemetery, Meghan Thomas is startled by a beautiful woman who seems to have stepped out of Florida’s Spanish past. Stunned, but thinking the woman needs help, Meg follows her – only to discover…

Cover of Moon Over the Poconos

Book: Moon Over the Poconos

By Renn Loraine

Isle witnessed something someone didn’t want her to see. Now – scared and alone – she’s on the run for her life. Escaping into a snowstorm, she hides from the killer in an isolated cabin high in the Pocono Mountains….

Cover of Moon Over Cape Cod Bay

Book: Moon Over Cape Cod Bay

By Renn Loraine

Marion has been discovered in a locked room, covered in blood, next to the lifeless body of her father – a man she hated. She knows she’s in trouble. She knows what it looks like. And what’s worse, no one…

Cover of Moon Over the Gateway Arch

Book: Moon Over the Gateway Arch

By Renn Loraine

When the woman pulls Sarah aside on the crowded dance floor to tell her she’s not safe, Sarah doesn’t believe her. But as the events of the evening progress – she’s not so sure. Soon, Sarah realizes that in order…