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Cover of Ninja Assassin

Book: Ninja Assassin

By Victoria Rush

When Riley’s time machine drops her in 16th-century feudal Japan, she finds herself part of a secret ninja training academy. The students are hand-picked from countryside villages, where they are trained in the secret arts of espionage, stealth, and assassination….

Cover of All Girl 4

Book: All Girl 4

By Victoria Rush

Book 1: The Personal Trainer When recent divorcée Jade notices some subtle changes in her figure, she decides to set up a workout routine to get back into shape. She makes an appointment at her local health club for a…

Cover of The Blind Girl

Book: The Blind Girl

By Victoria Rush

When Jade saves a pretty blind girl from a dangerous traffic accident, the girl invites Jade for coffee to thank her for her kind deed. Before long, the two women become increasingly attracted to one another, and the girl invites…