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Trigger Warning: Graphic Violence

Blood Magic 101

Cover of Blood Magic 101

Hallie Johnson is an unusual vampire. She’s not interested in drinking human blood. She just want to be accepted by the witch covens who run Elmwood Academy, so she can practice witchcraft and prove that she belongs in the magical world. But the witches don’t trust her, and she has to work twice as hard […]

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The Earl’s Wife

Cover of The Earl's Wife

Elizabeth has been betrothed to the Earl of Stacks, but there are those who are determined to stop the mixed class marriage and Elizabeth’s life is in danger. But when her father organises discreet protection for her, another danger becomes apparent. Elizabeth is falling for Amelie and now her life and her future with the […]

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Prey For The Devil

Cover of Prey For The Devil

Welcome back to Herzkirch – a city on top of a hollowed-out mountain, that is in the firm grip of the Reinblut Kirche. They passionately spread the word of the vileness of Blendlings – the offspring of a Biest and a human – and fuel prejudice against them. No wonder, the parents who turn up […]

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Let it Reign

Cover of Let it Reign

1456 Queen Amelia has barely survived her first year of marriage to the wicked King Alaric. When she accepted his marriage proposal arranged by their fathers, she believed it her sole opportunity to fulfill her birthright as ruler of Dathoviel and protect her brother from the throne he feared. But she can no longer sit […]

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Curse of the Dragon Shadow

Cover of Curse of the Dragon Shadow

Orphaned in an underground refuge, Riony struggles to keep herself and her adopted sister safe. But survival soon becomes the least of her worries when Riony takes in a creature whose very existence could be her destruction. In a land where unicorns have been hunted to extinction and dragons are the exclusive possession of the […]

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Forbidden Girl

Cover of Forbidden Girl

An addictive and completely gripping sapphic Mafia romance. Jules From the moment I learned my father was the head of the biggest crime family in Boston, I vowed I would never have anything to do with his “business.” Until Rowan. When our eyes locked for the first time across that crowded room, her emerald eyes […]

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Cover of Witchtryst

A severed wing… A forbidden alliance… A perilous romance… Nyx Thornfield, a deadly and captivating vampire, is tasked with unraveling the mystery behind the brutal attacks on supernatural Beings. When a severed angel wing is discovered, she joins forces with October Jones, a young witch from a small coven, to uncover the truth behind the […]

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Macular Malice

Cover of Macular Malice

Alice is a real lady killer…with a little help from her frienemmies. Just when people think her hands are tied, Alice proves how adept she is at untying the knots that bind.

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Digging for Destiny

Cover of Digging for Destiny

Kella Mabaki, dragon slayer extraordinaire, devoted sister, and celebrity hero of Jeenobi, has become a nobody by choice. Unable to continue hunting the dragons still tormenting her people and distanced from a brother she no longer understands, Kella is adrift in the city that was once her home. When she’s captivated by a rumor that […]

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Demons and Deities

Cover of Demons and Deities

Astrid Hall is the most powerful evil witch in the world…or rather, she’s about to be, once she gives birth to the Devil’s Heir. Astrid will do anything for power. She’ll out-magic the evil witches who scheme to take her place as High Priestess. She’ll defeat the other witch covens that threaten her territory. She’ll […]

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