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Trigger Warning: Rape

The Heart Wants What it Wants

Cover of The Heart Wants What it Wants

This autobiography is particularly significant as it explores open-mindedness, non-traditional love, and caters to various niches such as coming-of-age, LGBTQIA+, twin flames, spiritualists, and those who dedicate themselves to serving God, regardless of their background or the trials they encounter in life. As a college Professor and a PhD Candidate, I have triumphed over seemingly […]

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The Morelville Mysteries

Cover of The Morelville Mysteries

Book 5: Viva Mama Rossi! – A delayed honeymoon getaway takes a deadly turn for newlyweds Mel and Dana; meanwhile, two meddling mothers won’t let sleeping fisherman lie in the latest Morelville Mystery. Does an unsolved shooting death far away from Morelville have local ties? Did a fisherman really drown or was there something more […]

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Thrones of Desire

Cover of Thrones of Desire

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the captivating world of this Dark Fantasy and LGBT+ Romance series, where forbidden love, harrowing journeys, and destiny intertwine. Join Princess Bellatrix as she’s whisked away to a foreign land by a mysterious Feraclyn man, leading to a chance encounter that ignites a passionate connection with the alluring Lyroo. […]

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Pink, Not Fanged

Cover of Pink, Not Fanged

Imprisoned by her anxiety, Luna’s life is interrupted by a mysterious Dolphin corpse found thousands of miles from where it should be. Becoming obsessed with the Amazon River Dolphins, she travels to Brazil to study them. At the Amazon River, science and fantasy meet as Luna encounters the Weredolphins hidden among pink fins. Luna is […]

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Strength Within

Cover of Strength Within

Samantha Wilson is an award-winning freelance writer with a passion for being the voice of others. Despite vowing never to go back, she returns to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for an assignment. Her return awakens memories that force her to confront her sad and lonely childhood, including the violent attack she’d rather forget. Moving away and making […]

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The Cosmic Requiem Circle

Cover of The Cosmic Requiem Circle

Slice, butcher, kill Misery has lived the last eon by their code. Hunting everything with and without breath for the right price. Unfeeling, without mercy. A greedy overlord makes Misery an offer they can’t refuse. All they have to do is kill the silver ghost Except this ghost is not really a ghost… Collect, collect, […]

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Stone Butch Blues

Cover of Stone Butch Blues

Woman or man? This internationally acclaimed novel looks at the world through the eyes of Jess Goldberg, a masculine girl growing up in the “Ozzie and Harriet” McCarthy era and coming out as a young butch lesbian in the pre-Stonewall gay drag bars of a blue-collar town. Stone Butch Blues traces a propulsive journey, powerfully […]

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Imperfect Obsession

Cover of Imperfect Obsession

Lesbian couple Jaida and Melinda have a happy non-conventional marriage. Jaida has worked hard to own her dream business and Melinda has finally found her passion while taking on the maternal responsibilities. Being part of the BDSM community early on in their relationship and getting through divorces in their late twenties never stopped them from […]

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Fruits of the Gods

Cover of Fruits of the Gods

Sisters Kisare and Belili uproot an ancient box in their owner’s orchard and find a miracle inside: a fifth godfruit in a society that knows only four. It is punishable by death for non-nobles to eat godfruit, so the sisters hide the discovery and plot to escape servitude for good. With the power represented in […]

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Secrets & Oaths

Cover of Secrets & Oaths

And that’s just the case for Alexis Holland and Sophia Beauchamp. Alexis and Sophia became friends many years ago, but their story hasn’t been told until now. Follow Alexis as she navigates the extreme ups and downs that plagued her during this time. Learn how Sophia was there for her, deepening their friendship to an […]

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