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Introducing All About the Books

At I Heart SapphFic Headquarters, (which is actually a Zoom meeting, but please picture it as a secret lair behind a volcano), we’re always trying to think of fun ways to help authors get the word out about their books. This is why TB started the New Release Newsletter as the first weekly feature in 2017. It’s still one of the most popular features on the site. But we’re always looking for new ideas to try.

The other day, TB pinged me with a message that read: Got time to talk?

These messages always send my heart racing. I still remember the day when her brilliant idea was to send Nice Tits t-shirts to everyone on the newsletter list. I had to explain that it would be way too expensive, and some might be offended. She’s adamant that everyone loves tits. I should probably mention for anyone who doesn’t know, she’s talking about tits of the bird variety, although I’m convinced she wouldn’t be able to identify a tit from a pigeon even if it pooped on her head.

Anyway, I told her I did have time to talk, but warned her if it had anything to do with tits I would have to hang up. (TB here–I won’t give up! Tits for all!)

TB started off the conversation in a way that made me wish she’d stuck with her bird obsession. She said, “I have an idea swirling in my head, but I need help teasing it out.”

Incidentally, this is how we start brainstorming every one of our cowrites, and it has the same effect on my every time. Terror.

Then TB asked me what cocktail our main characters would drink in Christmas at Rainbow Falls. Mind you, this is a woman who teases me for making character personality profiles, so I was obligated to give her a hard time about it. But it ended up leading to our new feature: All About the Books.

Here is how it will work:

After an author submits their new release to be featured in the Tuesday New Release Newsletter, they will be invited to submit an All About the Books form, which has fun questions to help acquaint readers with their book. We will then take the answers, turn them into a pretty post on the IHS website, and direct readers toward the fun.

Because this is intended to highlight new releases, we’re unable to offer it retroactively for older books, but all new books (and audio new releases of older books), will be eligible. We don’t want to leave recent new releases in the cold, however, so if you had a book (ebook or audio) featured in a new release newsletter from October 11, 2022 or newer, please feel free to submit your All About the Books form right away!

And now, the only way to get TB to shut up about tits was to agree for her to share some photos of her tits collection. Please note, this isn’t all of the shirts or mugs she has. It’s safe to say, TB is obsessed with tits. I apologize in advance for subjecting you to her madness.


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