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Spotlight on Rita Potter!

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One of the new features with the website is authors are now able to support IHS through paid advertising. Many authors have joined our Advertising Pilot Program to help us test the ads and to allow wiggle room for our website developers to make adjustments in real time.

As a way to show our appreciation for sponsoring the all-new I Heart SapphFic, we’re turning today’s spotlight on Rita Potter!

Rita Potter has spent most of her life trying to figure out what makes people tick. To that end, she holds a bachelor’s degree in social work and an MA in sociology. Being an eternal optimist, she maintains that the human spirit is remarkably resilient. Her writing reflects this belief.

Rita’s stories are eclectic but typically put her characters in challenging circumstances. She feels that when they reach their happily ever after, they will have earned it. Despite the heavier subject matter, Rita’s humorous banter and authentic dialogue reflect her hopeful nature.

In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors. She is especially drawn to the water, which is ironic since she lives in the middle of a cornfield. Her first love has always been reading. It is this passion that spurred her writing career. She rides a Harley Davidson and has an unnatural obsession with fantasy football. More than anything, she detests small talk but can ramble on for hours given a topic that interests her.

She lives in a small town in Illinois with her wife, Terra, and their cat, Chumley, who actually runs the household.

Rita is a member of American Mensa and the Golden Crown Literary Society. She is a graduate of the GCLS Writing Academy 2021.

Rita, thank you so much for being a sponsor of IHS. Your support means the world.

TB and Miranda

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