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All About: A Spark In The Air by Dena Blake

All About A Spark in the Air
A Spark In The Air

by Dena Blake

Released: December 13, 2022

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Why this book and why now?

The holiday season is always special to me, and imagining the perfect small-town atmosphere makes the feeling even more special. I wanted to share that experience with my readers.

Would you and your main character(s) get along?

We would get along for sure. Janie and I are alike in so many ways, we believe in people until they give us a reason not to. But we’re also able to forgive and move forward. I admire Crystal for her drive and determination, but also her ability to listen to her heart and pivot in certain situations.

What TV show would your main character(s) most likely binge watch and why?

The Holiday Baking Championship.

One of your main characters is planning a romantic night. Tell us about it.

They take an early evening trip to an outdoor holiday market, where there will be hot chocolate and lots of handholding. That will be followed by a cozy night of wine and Chinese food on the floor wrapped up in a big fluffy comforter by the fire. There will be lots of flirting involved in both!

Publishing a book is a huge accomplishment and it’s time to party! Choose a celebratory beverage for one of your main characters to toast the release of your new book.

Janie knows that a rich chocolate porter makes for the perfect celebration. It’s full-bodied and smooth, the perfect indulgence. It’s not fancy but tastes that way, and there’s nothing light about it. Crystal might opt for a caramel latte instead. She’d take that with two shots of espresso, a splash of nonfat milk, and a big squirt of caramel. She knows what she likes and doesn’t hesitate to ask for it. High maintenance might be her middle name.

What song does your character put on to start your book launch party?

“Happy Holidays” because you can’t think of anything else while living in such a charming small town during the holidays. Plus, it’s what I’m constantly humming as I do my Christmas shopping. I think I’ve turned into my mom, which is a good thing.

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