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Today We’re Celebrating Holi

March 8 is Holi
First of all, happy International Women’s Day! There’s a reason that is not our holiday pick for today…

If you’ve been following this daily feature, you’ll know that we like to choose a special event or celebration for the day and pair it with three book recommendations that have a tie-in to the theme. At I Heart SapphFic, every day is international women’s day! Every book in our database is about women and nonbinary sapphic people, written by authors all over the world. How could we possibly choose only three?

So today, we are drawing our recommendation inspiration from Holi, a popular Hindu Spring festival celebrated in India and throughout the world. Holi, or the Festival of Colors, symbolizes good triumphing over evil. It’s celebrated with exuberant joy and enthusiasm, and with delicious foods that are special to the day. It is best known for the way people of all ages play with colorful powders, which today are generally made of cornstarch and food-safe dyes. The colors fill the air with vibrancy and cover everything. You can watch a video clip of a Holi celebration here.

Today we bring you three sapphic books with Indian characters from authors of Indian heritage.

Curious what tomorrow’s special day will be?

Make sure to check back each day for your daily calendar trivia, along with more great book recommendations! Any day spent reading sapphic books is a day to be celebrated!

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