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Today is Popcorn Lovers Day

March 9 is Popcorn Lovers Day
We are celebrating popcorn in all its wonderful goodness!

Both TB and Miranda, the founders of IHS, grew up in southern California, land of Hollywood and the film industry. In the 1980s, going to the movies was a weekly activity, and the best thing about it was that giant tub of movie theater popcorn. No other type came close to the salty, buttery, crunchy goodness that came from the snack bar at the local AMC theater. Nowadays, many of us are more likely to watch films from the comfort of our own homes, but what we wouldn’t give for a big batch of real movie theater popcorn (and a box of Milk Duds).

Popcorn has been around a lot longer than the movie industry. It can be traced back to the Native Americans over 4,000 years ago. The word “popcorn” was first coined in 1820. Plain popcorn was strung together to decorate Christmas trees long before commercial decorations were the norm. But regardless of the long history, we will always think of movies and popcorn hand in hand. That’s why today we are bringing you three sapphic books with main characters who are movie stars.

Curious what tomorrow’s special day will be?

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