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Top Sapphic Books, Anne E. Terpstra, Freebies, and More

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We’ve made it to another Friday and it’s time to celebrate!

Find out the 3 top sapphic books with the most clicks this week, 5 Random Things about author Anne E. Terpstra, freebies, and 2 adorable dogs to get your weekend off to a wonderful start!

Where did the week go? TB has been scrambling ever since returning from New Jersey and honestly, she could use four more days this week to get a handle on all the work that should definitely be done by now but isn’t. Miranda keeps laughing because TB keeps texting saying, “It’s Monday, right? I still have plenty of time this week to get everything done?” Does someone want to tell TB it’s Friday?

Aside from all the fun stuff you’ll find below, we have two exciting announcements.

Book Bargain Bonanza

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Today kicks off the first big sale of 2023. There are over 175 books on sale. The prices start at 99c. Snap up these bargains and stuff your ereaders. There are so many fantastic books involved, including ones by Max Ellendale, Eliza Lentzski, Stephanie Shea, Karin Kallmaker, Hildred Billings, and more.

You can find all the 99c books right here.

Here’s the page for books priced higher than 99c.

Favorite Scenes From Favorite Authors

190+ sapphic authors have chosen their favorite scenes just for you. Download this free anthology and sample the scenes that make these authors the proudest. What a fantastic way to find your next sapphic read!

Now for Friday Fun!

Please remember that sale prices listed in today’s post are valid for a limited time only and may change without notice. International prices may vary. Always check the price in your local marketplace before purchasing.

Most Clicked Books:

Random Things:

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5 Random Things is our way of helping readers to get to know top sapphic book authors all the while having a bit of fun.

Here are five random facts about Anne E. Terpstra.

1. In addition to being an author, I’m also a potter and photographer. I started throwing on the wheel about fifteen years ago, and photography has been part of my life since I was a teen. In fact, the cover of Beyond Any Experience features a photograph I took and then digitally altered. Most of my pottery consists of functional pieces in stoneware and porcelain, although I do decorative work as well. You can check out my online store here.

2. I’ve been a homeschooling parent for ten years. (There are more secular and LGBTQ+ homeschool families than you might think!) It’s been a rewarding and fun process, and my son will graduate from high school next year.

3. When I’m in a procrastinating mood, I’ll often bake – cakes, cookies, pastries, tarts – if it’s sweet, I’ll make it! A favorite cookbook is Flour by Joanne Chang.

4. One of my degrees is in journalism, and my original career goal was to be a sportswriter.

5. My other degree is in technical theater, which is what pulled me away from a journalism career. In my time as a stage manager and production manager, I watched a lot of actors rehearse and perfect their lines, which helped hone my ear for dialogue as a writer.

Beyond Any Experience, Anne’s debut novel, is available here, and you can sign up for her newsletter at her website.

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Free Books:

Pet of the Week!

Meet Joxer and Andy dog photos

Meet Joxer (big ears) and Andy. These boys, we call them brothers, are inseparable. Submitted by H.W., a reader.

That’s all for today.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Friday!

Miranda & TB

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