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Three Sapphic Books for National Dog Mom’s Day

National Dog Mom's Day
Let’s honor all the amazing dog moms out there!

Are you a proud pup parent who loves your furry friend more than anything? Do you go the extra mile to ensure your fur baby is well-fed, well-groomed, and pampered? If yes, then get ready to celebrate National Dog Mom’s Day!

A Brief History of National Dog Mom’s Day

Brooke Schoenfeld, an animal behaviorist based in the United States, founded this holiday. As a proud “fur mom” herself, Brooke realized that pet owner culture often overlooks the emotional connection people have with their pets. She wanted to create a special holiday to recognize and celebrate the love and commitment that dog moms show to their fur babies.

Why Do We Celebrate?

This day celebrates the special bond between pups and their moms. It is observed every year on the second Saturday in May. Since its inception, National Dog Mom’s Day has gained increasing popularity worldwide. Dog moms everywhere are showered with love, attention, and special treats on this day.

Not a dog mom yet? Visit your local shelter and consider adopting. Most experts do agree that researching dog breeds  ahead of time to understand care and exercise needs, will go a long way in helping you make a better choice for your new best friend. There are over 350 different dog breeds in the world, worming their way into our hearts and becoming much loved family members. 

Tips and Ideas for Celebrating National Dog Mom’s Day

Today is not just for the dog moms! Shower your pooch with some extra-special love and attention.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate National Dog Mom’s Day:

  • Take your fur baby on an adventure. Dogs love exploring new places, so take them to a nearby park, plan a hiking trip, or a beach day.
  • Treat your pup to a special meal. Indulge your dog’s taste buds with a delicious, home-cooked meal or a special doggie treat.
  • Have a spa day. Take your pup for a relaxing bath and grooming session.
  • Plan a fun photo shoot. Get creative with some props and themes and take some fun pictures with your pet.
  • Use the day to give back. Donate to a local animal shelter or rescue in your dog’s honor or volunteer to help out at the shelter in your area.

National Dog Mom’s Day is a great time to celebrate the special bond you share with your pet or show your support for animal-related causes. Whether it’s with a special trip, a new toy, or donating to a local shelter, make sure to show some extra love to your furry friend. Happy National Dog Mom’s Day!

Today we bring you three sapphic books with dogs.

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