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Three Sapphic Books for National Drinking With Chickens Day

National Drinking With Chickens Day
Raise a Glass to National Drinking With Chickens Day!

National Drinking With Chickens Day is an annual celebration that brings together poultry enthusiasts and beverage aficionados across the globe. In this post, we’ll delve into the origins of this quirky holiday, its significance, and how various countries and organizations have embraced it. Plus, we’ll share some tips and ideas on how you can join in the festivities!

A Peck at the Beginning: Origins of National Drinking With Chickens Day

This one-of-a-kind holiday has its roots in the United States, where it began as a lighthearted backyard tradition among friends with backyard chickens. It was founded by author Kate Richards, who wrote the book “Drinking with Chickens: Free-Range Cocktails for the Happiest Hour.” Her specialty is creating specialty cocktails using fresh ingredients from her garden. The day was created to celebrate the community who have flocked to the garden happy hour, a farm-to-glass movement.

The Egg-citing Significance of the Holiday

While it may seem like a humorous and playful event, National Drinking With Chickens Day actually serves a deeper purpose. It encourages people to appreciate the companionship of chickens, promotes responsible pet ownership, and fosters a sense of community among poultry enthusiasts.

Organizations That Support the Holiday

Several organizations can help you embrace National Drinking With Chickens Day. These include:

Backyard Poultry Magazine
Urban Chicken Podcast
Poultry World

These organizations offer valuable resources for those interested in raising chickens and participating in the celebration.

How to Celebrate National Drinking With Chickens Day: Tips and Ideas

Ready to join the fun? Here are a few suggestions on how you can celebrate this unique holiday:

  • Host a backyard “Chicknic”: Invite friends and family over for a picnic with your feathered friends. Serve up chicken-friendly treats for your flock and enjoy beverages with your human guests.
  • Create chicken-themed cocktails: Mix up some creative cocktails (or mocktails) inspired by your favorite poultry breeds.
  • Visit a local farm or coop tour: Many cities host coop tours or farm visits on National Drinking With Chickens Day, providing a perfect opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts and learn more about raising chickens.
  • Share your celebration on social media: Use the hashtag #DrinkingWithChickensDay to share photos of your festivities and connect with other participants around the world.

Join the Flock: Your Call-to-Action

Now that you’re well-versed in all things National Drinking With Chickens Day, it’s time to join the celebration! Whether you’re a seasoned chicken owner or simply an admirer of these fascinating birds, there’s no better way to show your appreciation than by participating in this delightful holiday. So grab your favorite beverage, gather your feathered friends, and raise a toast to National Drinking With Chickens Day! Cheers!

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