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Author Abigail Taylor recommends Chase Me by Natasha West

Welcome to Authors Getting Rec’d! Each week, we’ll bring you a new sapphic book recommendation from a favorite sapphic author. Find out what authors are reading and why, plus read about the personal connections between authors and books.

This week, Abigail Taylor explains why Chase Me is a must read.

Abigail knows this is an author whose works she’ll enjoy because Natasha’s books always deliver fun and excitement.

Let’s hear more from Abigail about why Chase Me is a must read:

I enjoyed the ride the author took us on. It was fast-paced, dramatic, and funny. I love the way this author makes unbelievable situations seem realistic. I loved the stylistic approach with the changing POV because it allowed the reader to see the same situation through each character’s eyes.

I also enjoyed how believable the relationship between Gracie and Beth felt. There were many OMG moments, but they worked for me, and the story flowed naturally.

I would recommend any book by Ms. West. However, Chase Me was one of my favorites for all the reasons listed above.

So if you’re looking for something exciting and funny, you should pick up this book.

Tempted? You can get Natasha’s book here:

Abigail Taylor is the author of Chasing Life.

Here is why Abigail thought their book might relate to Natasha’s:

I think Chasing Life and Chase Me both have unique plots and believable characters. They are both quick reads and have humor mixed in throughout.

I believe if you enjoy one, you’d probably enjoy the other.

Thank you, Abigail, for sharing what book is on your nightstand right now and paying it forward by showing some book love to a fellow SapphFic author!

About Abigail Taylor:

My books highlight the importance of emotional connection and feature authentic, meaningful relationships.

Happy endings are guaranteed, and I always enjoy connecting with my readers. This is my full-time job and greatest passion. It would mean so much if you joined me on my sapphic adventures.

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