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All About: A Kind Deception by Skye Von Triessen

A Kind Deception
A Kind Deception

by Skye Von Triessen

Released: Jul 09, 2023

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Why this book and why now?

There were so many aspects of life that inspired this book. It wasn’t the book that I was supposed to write but I was inspired by my experience as a new author and what it has been like for me joining the writing community and the loneliness that comes with being an author. But the biggest inspiration was to write a book that I hoped would inspire my readers to know that they are enough as they are, and they don’t need to change to fit anyone’s stereotype or perception of who they should be. To live their lives for themselves, to always choose happiness, and to surround themselves with people who will love them despite their flaws.

Would you and your main character(s) get along? Why, or why not?

Yes, I would get along with both characters. They enjoy staying home instead of venturing out just like me. Rayne is funny and charming, and I’ve been told by many that I’m also funny and charming (I can already imagine the eye roll by my friend in France when she reads this). I’ve also been told that I’m full of myself just like Rayne, except when it comes to my writing (again, another eye roll). Laurel is witty and sarcastic which makes for good banter, and I love to laugh. They both love food and are clean freaks like myself. So, I’ll gladly invite them over for the weekend anytime.

What would your main character(s)’s binge on TV and why?

This is a hard one because there are quite a few for different reasons. Laurel would binge, The Blacklist, because she enjoys shows with a certain level of intellect and would enjoy Raymond’s sarcasm and wit, which is similar to her personality. Rayne would binge, Outlander, because she enjoys period pieces and historical dramas and has a thing for strong female characters similar to Claire Fraser. (And maybe she also loves the many steamy sex scenes, which are similar to the ones that she loves writing in her books.)

One of your main characters is planning a romantic night. Tell us about it.

Rayne loves romance, so she would be the one to plan the romantic night. Since they both enjoy staying home, she would plan something at home. She loves winter, so she would plan a romantic dinner by the fireplace. This would involve covering the space with pillows and spreading white roses— which are Laurel’s favorite flowers— on the blanket. Small candles would decorate the surrounding areas by the fireplace and jazz music would play in the background. She would also give Laurel a massage after they’ve finished eating and would probably also give Laurel a gift, just because.

Publishing a book is a huge accomplishment and it’s time to party! Choose a celebratory beverage for one of your main characters to toast the release of your new book!

I would choose Armand de Brignac champagne because of the history behind why the founder of the brand created his own champagne (I will leave it open for readers to Google if they’re interested in knowing why he created his own). But it’s an inspirational story that shows you can use people trying to make you feel like less to be more and become more. This is something that Rayne would have done. She wouldn’t allow negative comments or any form of prejudice to make her feel like less but instead would probably use it to build an empire just like the owner of Armand de Brignac.

What song does your character put on to start your book launch party?

Rayne would probably start with the party with Diamonds by Rihanna and dedicate it to Laurel. Because despite all of Laurel’s flaws she was perfect for Rayne and the song pretty much sums up the way she saw her.

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