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Top Sapphic Books, Kate Hershberger, Freebies, and More

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We’ve made it to another Friday and it’s time to celebrate!

Find out the top 3 sapphic books with the most clicks this week, 5 Random Things about sapphic author Kate Hershberger, and two adorable rescue dogs. And don’t forget to scroll all the way to the end of this post for good news about drag shows in Florida.


In two weeks, TB and Miranda are getting on a plane heading for Las Vegas to attend the 20Books to 50K writing conference. To prepare for the trip, they both got their flu and covid vaccines. The jabs are knocking them for a loop. Luckily, it’s going to rain for the next two days, so they plan to cuddle under heated blankets with their cats and get some reading in. Aside from feeling icky, this sounds like a delightful way to spend the weekend.


TB is already getting her holiday shopping done. She only has a few more gifts to buy. She’s not usually this on the ball, but the next couple of months are going to be stressful with organizing the November Mega Sale, mapping out the 2024 Reading Challenge, the December 99c sale, and traveling to attend 20Books to 50K in Las Vegas. Not to mention writing one final book before the end of the year!

If you’re shopping for gifts on Amazon, it would be fantastic if you could click on one of our affiliate links first. That way we earn a small commission for your purchase. Every penny we get helps keep the lights on and it’s a simple way to support I Heart SapphFic. Here’s a link you can click to get you to Amazon.

Thanks so much for the help!


If you haven’t submitted your 2024 Reading Challenge forms yet, don’t wait. Nearly half the slots for next year are already filled.

We’re relying on the reading challenge forms we receive to map out the categories and books. Please note that inclusion is not automatic. You must submit a reading challenge form to have your book(s) involved.

The reading challenge is by far the most popular weekly post on the website, receiving the most visitors and clicks. It’s a wonderful and free way to promote either a new release or the books in your backlist.

You can submit as many books as you want and we recommend ticking as many categories as apply for each book to increase the odds of your book being selected. We can only feature an author once in each category, so submitting 5 books with Ice Queen as their only category means 4 of your books will automatically be excluded. The more options you provide, the better.

The submission deadline is December 1, 2023.

Here’s the 2024 Reading Challenge Submission form:


Please remember that sale prices listed in today’s post are valid for a limited time only and may change without notice. International prices may vary. Always check the price in your local marketplace before purchasing.

Most Clicked Books:

Random Things:

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5 Random Things is our way of helping readers to get to know top sapphic book authors all the while having a bit of fun.

Here are five random facts about Kate Hershberger.

1. I was the 1st girl in my high school’s history to play the quints (5 drums).

2. As a kid, I was in a unicycle club. I could do several tricks i.e. riding with one foot, riding backwards, etc.

3. According to my grandfather, I am a distant relative of William Faulkner. Supposedly, he and my great grandmother were distant cousins.

4. I’m first generation American on my mother’s side. She is from Lancashire, England.

5. I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Have you read Sleepy Hollow yet?

Have you read Sleepy Hollow yet?

Free Books:

Pet of the Week!

Meet Winnie and Sam!

Meet Winnie and Sam! These are our two rescue dogs. They’re 15 years old and going strong. Our lives would not be the same without them. Submitted by Ellie, a reader.


It can seem sometimes like all the news these days is bad. We won’t deny there’s a lot of troubling things going on, including a rise in hate crimes. But it’s not all terrible out there! We want to do our best to highlight good news, because while it may seem like the world is filled with hate, there are many individuals who are living their best lives with a rainbow in their heart.

This week’s good news involves drag shows in Florida.

Last week, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals voted 2-1 refusing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration to let his state’s drag ban go into effect while a case against it proceeds. This means as of now drag is still legal in the state.

On May 17, DeSantis signed the ban on drag, which empowers the state Department of Business and Professional Regulation to revoke the business licenses of any venues that allow minors to see drag performances, even if with parental consent. Moreover, they can place $5,000 and $10,000 fines against the business.

On May 23, Hamburger Mary’s, a drag-themed restaurant chain, challenged the law in court, arguing banning drag not only harms their business but also violates their free speech rights. Last summer, District Judge Gregory Presnell agreed with Hamburger Mary’s (TB loves this name and the premise of the restaurants). He placed a temporary statewide injunction against the ban.

We at IHS are cheering on Hamburger Mary’s and hope that all bans on drag are overturned. Let people be themselves and live their lives to the fullest!

Click here to learn more about the ban and case against.

That’s all for today.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Friday!

Miranda & TB

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