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Exciting New Patreon Benefits for all Tiers!

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Last summer we launched a Patreon account to create a community and give you a chance to peek behind the curtain at IHS. Now that we’ve become more accustomed to the platform, we decided to revamp the benefits for each tier, to give more bang for your buck.

Keep reading for an explanation of the different tiers and the associated benefits.

Bronze Tier ($3 a month)

Our Heartfelt Appreciation

We hope this one is self-explanatory.

“A Year of Lizzie” Serial Installments

Beginning in November 2023, Lizzie fans rejoice! Around the middle of each month, you’ll receive a new installment (roughly 5 chapters) of an exclusive new addition to TB’s beloved A Woman Lost Series. Come along with Lizzie, Sarah, and the gang for a full year of hijinks and hilarity. This book will not be released anywhere else until 2025. You’ll be reading it first!

Weekly Was it TB or Miranda Who Said That? Game

A fun game where we give you a real quote and you get to guess who said it, TB or Miranda. Prove how well you know the sapphic dynamic duo! Each guess enters you into a monthly ebook drawing.

Weekly Caption this Photo Contest

We’ll post a new photo each week and invite you to get creative with your best caption. Each one enters you into a monthly ebook drawing.

Monthly TBM Funny Blog Story

If you know anything about TB, you know she’s prone to disaster. In her nearly 5 decades of life, she’s collected a ton of funny stories and she’s going to share them with you, one painfully embarrassing moment at a time.

Monthly Travel Blog & Photos

TB & Miranda love to hop into Pepper, TB’s little red Honda Fit, and explore New England and beyond. TB snaps photos while Miranda cracks jokes. Ride along in the backseat for a behind-the-scenes look at the adventures that inspire their works in progress.

Monthly Silly Photos

Once upon a time, TB wouldn’t even put on a Halloween costume. Now Miranda uses her theater skills to embarrass the heck out of TB on a monthly basis with the contents of her giant costume trunk. TB pretends to hate it, but secretly she enjoys the attention.

Here’s a sampling from the time we were in Bath in 2018:

Monthly TB & Miranda Health Journeys

TB & Miranda both turn the big 5-O in 2024 and are determined to get in better shape for their next 50 years. Come along each month as they attempt new exercises, weigh in, try new recipes and Miranda hides veggies in TB’s food.

TB & Miranda Book Cover Reveals

Get a sneak peek of their covers before anyone else!

Silver Tier ($10 a month)

Everything from Bronze, plus:

Advance Reader Copies

Before each new release, you’ll receive an invitation to download an advance copy of their upcoming book for free.

Free eBooks

Twice a year, in June and December, you’ll receive an email to claim your free ebook from our back catalogues.

Gold Tier ($25 a month)

Everything from Bronze and Silver, plus:

Monthly Souvenir Travel Postcard

Get a postcard from one of the exciting places TB & Miranda visit each month. Mailed directly to your home anywhere in the world.

Monthly Ask Us Anything Post

At the beginning of each month, we’ll ask you what burning questions you have for us. We’ll answer all of your questions in a special post at the end of the month.

Free Audiobooks

If you have a US or UK Audible account, we’ll give you a code for a free download of any of our new audio releases as soon as they come out.

Name in Book Acknowledgement

This is our chance to let everyone know how important your support is to us. We’ll thank you personally in the acknowledgement section of our new releases.

Help Us Name a Character

For each work in progress, we’ll conduct an exclusive poll to help us name a character.

December Holiday Card

Every December, we’ll send a holiday card directly to your home, anywhere in the world.

Annual Signed Paperback

For your year anniversary as a Gold Tier supporter, we’ll send you a signed paperback of your choosing anywhere in the world.

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IHS is on Patreon

Have a lovely day!

TB & Miranda


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