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Michelle’s TOP 5 Sapphic Books of 2023

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Get ready to add books to your TBR pile!

As the end of the year draws near, we have one question we want to ask book lovers the world over. What were your top 5 sapphic reads of 2023?

Luckily our readers like to share! We look forward to passing along these recommendations to you daily into the new year.

It’s not too late to submit your own top reads and get in on the fun. Click here for the form. Our only rules are that authors may not submit their own books and your list needs to be new-to-you books that were read (not necessarily published) in 2023.

Here are Michelle’s top sapphic reads of 2023:

1. The Touch of Her Voice by Sara Scott

The journey of both MCs from beginning to end. It took me on such a roller coaster ride of emotions & I felt connected to certain parts of the book. Left me with a book hangover needing more. It was so well written & I couldn’t put it down. Was dying to read book 2!!

2. The Sound of Her Smile by Sara Scott

Book 2 continues on with Jensy & Sophie’s journey. When I thought book 1 was amazing … this roller coaster ride of emotions was next level!! You can’t help but connect with them both. I cried, I laughed & I loved how well it was written yet again. There is so much of what is happening in our world today in this book. I highly recommend it.

3. The Flight Risk by Macon Leigh

WoW!! I love books with emotional roller coaster rides & this was did it. I laughed at how well it was written & I cried when certain situations took place (no spoilers). I ended up on an amazing adventure with Bailee & Harper the MCs & Rivers too. So we’ll written & so many quotes I’ve taken away with me after reading this.

4. Like Sapphire Blue by Marisa Billions

It wasn’t what I expected!! It was so much more. No spoilers but it’s so well written with a dark twist as you read on. You learn about the present through the journey described in the past that has lead Emma to where she is and what her journey was like before meeting Bailey and the circumstances with what has happened. Felt so many emotions in this book but didn’t expect what happened, happens.

5. Afterlove by Tanya Byrne

First YA sapphic book I’ve read & it didn’t disappoint at all. The journey of Ash & Poppy, First loves for both. After tragic accident Ash is asked to join the grim reapers. She finds Poppy again as their journey continues on but not without some twist & turns which I couldn’t put the book down until the end. What a beautiful story about young first love. My favourite line from the book is “We found each other life. And we found each other in death. So I will find you now, whatever’s beyond the sea”.

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