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All About: Wedding Balloon by Alexi Venice

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Wedding Balloon

by Alexi Venice

Released: Feb 07, 2024

Genre: Action / Adventure

Why this book and why now?

Readers are devoted to this eight-book series and have been clear about what they want in their reviews. The prevailing view is for Jen and Amanda to forgive each other and tie the knot. I’ve always wanted them to get married too, but so many things popped up along the way to delay that, from Jen’s unexpected, life-changing miracle and Amanda’s dangerous career. Their story has been fast-paced and full of unexpected action, so I knew this novella couldn’t be just an ordinary wedding weekend. I wanted surprises, romance, danger, and a few magical elements. It was also a perfect opportunity for a reunion of the key characters, summing up their backstories. For potential readers who haven’t sampled The San Francisco Mystery Series, I think this novella is an easy entry point.

Would you and your main character(s) get along?

My lead character is Amanda Hawthorne, and she’s the quintessential anti-hero. Beautiful, smart, and driven, she walks the line of being well-intentioned (her love of and devotion to Dr. Jen Dawson) while simultaneously being self-destructive (her raw ambition to rid the world of bad actors). When she’s motivated in the right direction, she’s spectacular. When the ends justify the means for her, however, she’s ruthless. Since Amanda is so high octane, I think it would be a challenge for me to be her friend, but I know this for sure, I wouldn’t want to be her enemy.

What TV show would your main character(s) most likely binge watch and why?

Amanda would binge watch “Killing Eve” for the sheer satisfaction of learning what motivates the killer Villanelle to manipulate Eve, the British intelligence officer investigating her. Amanda would also be fascinated by Villanelle’s ability to kill without remorse and her sense of humor while stalking her prey. By the same token, I’m pretty sure Villanelle would like to read about Amanda in this series. So, a mutual admiration society😊

Meet Alexi Venice!

Award-winning author Alexi Venice’s legal and crime thrillers with sapphic leads serve up deadly appetizers, spicy main dishes, and HEA desserts.

Her bestselling spy thriller, Lady Hawthorne, SFMS, Book 7, received two 2022 Lesfic Bard Awards in Action & Adventure and Mystery.

Her bestselling legal thriller, Standby Counsel, A Monica Spade Novel, received the 2020 Lesfic Bard Award in Mystery and was named The Best Legal Thriller of 2021 by

Venice is a member of International Thriller Writers, Golden Crown Literary Society, the Crime Writers’ Association, and Romance Writers of America.

Thirty-four years of practicing law informs Venice’s legal, medical, and crime fiction. Her heart, imagination, and life experience are the pesto on the pizza.

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