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Mother Ocean Day

Three Sapphic Books for Mother Ocean Day

Today we are celebrating and appreciating the beauty of our oceans! Mother Ocean Day is observed globally, dedicating a day to celebrate and appreciate this vast and compelling body of water. The ocean is a source of wonder and awe….

Cover of The Forever and The Now

Book: The Forever and The Now


…resignation. Bron, having witnessed the smoothie eruption, races to help, and suddenly her life takes an unexpected turn. Falling in love is like watching the grandest sunset on the calmest ocean where the tiniest ripples wear silver sparkles as their…

Cover of Ice Crypt

Book: Ice Crypt

By Tiana Warner | Narrated by Tiana Warner

…humans and merpeople for good. She knows of a legendary weapon that could bring peace if she uses it against King Adaro, ruler of the Pacific Ocean. But her people have plans for future Massacres and refuse to help her…

Cover of A Restless Truth

Book: A Restless Truth

By Freya Marske | Narrated by Aysha Kala

Maud Blyth has always longed for adventure. She expected plenty of it when she volunteered to serve as an old lady’s companion on an ocean liner, in order to help her beloved older brother unravel a magical conspiracy that began…

Cover of The Drowning Summer

Book: The Drowning Summer

By Christine Lynn Herman

…His charges were dropped only because Evelyn summoned a ghost to clear his name. She swore never to call a spirit again. She lied. For generations, Mina Zanetti’s family has used the ocean’s power to guide the dead to their…

Cover of Over The Crescent Moon

Book: Over The Crescent Moon

By Karen D. Badger

…at which, Spencer meets Makaya’s family for the first time. While there, Makaya’s brother takes them water skiing, and an over-confident Spencer finds herself in danger when she fails to anticipate the raging fury of ocean whitecaps. She wakes up…

Cover of SEVENTY

Book: Seventy

By Lynn Lauria

…had settled into a quiet, happy (albeit lonely) life on California’s central coast. Away from the hustle and bustle of southern California, she allowed the calming effects of the Pacific Ocean to lull her into a sense of security; or…

Cover of Golden Sea

Book: Golden Sea

By Emma Sterner-Radley | Narrated by P.J. Morgan

…conspiracy they are part of is even bigger than they thought and that the ocean is full of surprises; some wonderful, but far too many of them dangerous beyond measure. And like the king of Cavarra, the sea doesn’t show…

Cover of Slaying Dragons

Book: Slaying Dragons

By McGee Mathews

…time. As she struggles to keep the chaos at bay her partner Andrea Fenwick is her safe port in a stormy ocean Andrea Fenwick juggles a busy accounting job while trying to keep her partner Dani grounded. Their lives together…

Cover of Forever Home

Book: Forever Home

By Ali Spooner

Nat, Marissa and Maggie survived their first winter by the ocean. Spring brings new growth, friends and unwelcome visitors to the homestead. Find out how Nat and Marissa’s tiny community deal with the hazards and rewards before them, as their…