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Cover of Luck Be a Lady Pirate

Book: Luck Be a Lady Pirate

By Catherine Stein

…captain swells into something undeniable, Lina lays down the rules again: The affair will be casual, private, and temporary. But when mechanical monsters attack the pirates and threaten civilians, Yvette and Lina will be flung headlong into an ocean-spanning whirlwind…

Cover of The Long Con

Book: The Long Con

By T C Parker

…yet – one vicious and corrupt enough to test her skills to the limit and plunge her headlong into a world of violence, corruption and murder. A fast-paced crime cocktail blending elements of Widows, Ocean’s 11 and The Usual Suspects…

Cover of The Human Origins of Beatrice Porter and Other Essential Ghosts

Book: The Human Origins of Beatrice Porter and Other Essential Ghosts

By Soraya Palmer | Narrated by Jaimi Gray

…the Rolling Calf who haunts butchers, Mama Dglo who lives in the ocean, a vain tiger, and an outsmarted snake, The Human Origins of Beatrice Porter and Other Essential Ghosts is set in a world as alive and unpredictable as…

Cover of Tides of Love

Book: Tides of Love

By Kimberly Cooper Griffin

Life changes like the ocean tides, and Mikayla Pierce is discovering that the hard way. Recently divorced and learning more about her bisexuality, she struggles to find her way on her own. Living in a borrowed home in Oceana Mobile…

Cover of Moon-Bright Tides

Book: Moon-Bright Tides

By RoAnna Sylver

Without one to govern the oceans, it falls to Riven, reluctant sea-witch, to sail out alone every night across the midnight ocean to cast a spell to call in the tides. She hates it. Hates the moonless dark, hates the…

Cover of Lesbian Love Story

Book: Lesbian Love Story

By Amelia Possanza | Narrated by Amelia Possanza

…readers from a drag king show in Bushwick to the home of activists in Harlem and then across the ocean to Hadrian’s Library, where she searches for traces of Sappho in the ruins. Along the way, she discovers her own…

Cover of Bliss

Book: Bliss

By Fiona Zedde | Narrated by Chandra Johnson

…without love can poison just as easily as it redeems. To cleanse herself of Regina’s poison, she escapes to Jamaica, the place where she was born, in hopes that the sun and ocean breezes will heal both old and new…

Cover of Cruisin' with My Best Friend's MILF

Book: Cruisin' with My Best Friend's MILF

By Riley Rose | Narrated by Nikki Monroe

…who they are, they an be openly together and enjoy all the wonderful cruise amenities. And maybe work in a bunch of crazy hot sex on the deck, in their cabin, and on every island they visit. The ocean isn’t…

Cover of I, Volcano

Book: I, Volcano

By Eule Grey

…are relentless enemies, and difficult choices lie ahead. Can a shy girl rekindle the power of a dead volcano and harness the ocean? One woman can’t heal the world, but maybe Jalob is the only one who can save Corail….

Cover of Twisted Echoes

Book: Twisted Echoes

By Sheri Lewis Wohl

…house on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, she embarks on an exciting adventure only to discover things are more complicated than simply starting over. Free spirited Renee Austin makes her feel again while visions and ghosts rock her world….