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Cover of The Fairy Queen of Elwenhal

Book: The Fairy Queen of Elwenhal

By Ash Gray

When Aereth is stolen by fairies, Zelda must journey into the realm of Elwenhal, where the court of the fae and their queen awaits. The fairy queen is holding both Aereth and Cassandra captive as they linger in a deep…

Cover of The Dragon of Edhen

Book: The Dragon of Edhen

By Ash Gray

Finally back with the Knights of Falcon, Zelda is ready to settle down and raise her daughter. But after their adventure with the fairy queen, Zelda and her knights soon realize that Wolf Fortress is too dangerous a place to…

Cover of Zora's Stone

Book: Zora's Stone

By Ash Gray

With Calorra still on the throne, Quinn approaches Coralelle Palace to rescue Zita and Rose, completely unaware that both have already escaped Qorlec. As an army of robots waits for Quinn, her adult daughter from an alternate dimension turns up…

Cover of Exiled Stars

Book: Exiled Stars

By Ash Gray

Calorra, now her mother’s enemy, has exiled Quinn and Thalcu to an alternate dimension and has taken Qorlec for herself, ending the centuries old war with the callous slaughter of many innocents. Meanwhile, Varzo and Mercy are likewise exiled by…

Cover of Moon Fire

Book: Moon Fire

By Ash Gray

In the fifth chapter of the series, Quinn must race against the clock to save both her mother and her daughter, who are in danger on two different planets. Rejoining her in the fight are Zita, the cheerful space marine,…

Cover of The Light-year Lion

Book: The Light-Year Lion

By Ash Gray

The Princess of Qorlec is back again and finally ready to take the battle to the Zon Regime in earnest, with the help of the Black Hand rebels, a snarky robot, and her inseperable sickick, Varzo. But when it’s revealed…

Cover of The Suns of Anarchy

Book: The Suns of Anarchy

By Ash Gray

The princess of Qorlec is back, this time surviving the harsh purple deserts of the planet Anarchy. In the hauntingly beautiful oasis of Lot’Vasa, Quinn must learn new languages and cultures, endure marriage, motherhood, and the brutal training of the…

Cover of Project Mothership

Book: Project Mothership

By Ash Gray

Rose is a nerdy librarian going through a divorce when she is abducted by aliens. When the spacecraft is attacked by the enemies of Queen Nashal, Rose makes it back to Earth freshly impregnated by alien royalty with said enemies…

Cover of The Infinite Athenaeum

Book: The Infinite Athenaeum

By Ash Gray

Cricket, the legendary dragon slayer who picks her nose, is back! Young and becoming ever more in charge of her destiny, she must find a cure to the sickness that cripples her or else slowly perish as her friends helplessly…

Cover of Time's Arrow

Book: Time's Arrow

By Ash Gray

Neferre is a coarse, disgusting, slightly-alcoholic elf who is discovered while in a drunken stupor by a strange child in the dark depths of a swamp. Neferre offers to escort the child to safety, only to find the little girl…